Insomnia has found me.

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Insomnia has found me.

Over the weekend, I started having a terrible time sleeping. Before, it was mostly my kids keeping me awake and getting up to pee during the night, but I could always go back to sleep without too much trouble. Well, over the weekend, I just could NOT sleep for anything. I am having such a hard time getting comfortable lately, and laying down is not at all comfy for me most times. I am using a hundred pillows to prop myself up as much as possible and that helps, but the other night, I came out to the couch and sat up watching TV at 2:30am till I got sleepy enough to actually fall asleep.

Then, last night, my little guy was kicking and punching up a storm all night - sometimes it was pretty painful!! I think I finally really fell asleep around 3 and slept till DS2 woke up at 6.

I don't remember having this much trouble with my other 2, and know I was lucky. But I am just so tired and getting so uncomfortable! It's hard to stay positive some days when I am so exhausted and my patience is thin.

I might look up hypnobabies...any other suggestions for getting comfortable these last weeks??

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Okay don't tell anyone but I've been using tylenol p.m. It helps. The little aches and pains go away and I'm sleepy, plus not waking up nearly as much in the middle of the night and when I do wake up to use the bathroom or get a drink I go right back to sleep. So long as I know I can get eight hours of sleep that night I'm okay in the mornings and not too drowsy.

(eta.... Though I should warn you and your husband, my DH swears it makes my dreams more vivid... I'm not remembering them but he says I'm talking through them more and more. Mostly I ask him to go get food.)

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ugh, so sorry you are going through this, too. i have also had terrible insomnia and i didn't have it with my first. yes, listen to some hypnobirthing cds and i also recommend "surfing for birthing" on itunes. it's a guided meditation. helps a lot.

but, my insomnia is so bad that sometimes that doesn't work. i have actually started to take 1/2 a pill of benadryl. my midwife told me it was okay.

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I too have been using tylonal PM... per my doctor's suggestion. I take half the recommended dose (1 capsule instead of 2) because I am a bit shorter than the average person Wink But, it does the trick. I'm tired during the day no matter what, so I cant say it has any lasting affects on my day... today I am especially tired, but then again my kids each took turns getting up and needing things last night, and with DH not here this week, it was all on mommy to get up with them Sad Oh well, I can play catch up more next week since we have decided to not start the boys in their new school till next wed or the following monday (so 2 to 5 days off from school) so that they can adjust a bit to the new house and the move in general before being thrown into a new school. Any who, yeah, Tylonal PM has been my saving grace lately

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I've only been taking one tylenol pm too... I'm 5'5" but any more and I worry about grogginess.

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I haven't moved to the couch yet, but I am sure will soon. It's much more comfortable to me. I occasionally take a unisom. Tylenol PM makes restless leg syndrome worse.