Interesting Dr Visit - opinions welcome! :)

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Interesting Dr Visit - opinions welcome! :)

So at this dr. visit, i don't know if anyone remembers but last week they had me a week ahead of what i thought i was - turns out they did make a mistake, they were going by my first due date of 11/18 - so we got that straightened up, i am as it stands 34 weeks and 3 days today... but they said they can still do the strep b culture tests and i can keep my final sonogrm appointment for tomorrow, so thats good that thats all straightened out...

next - she said Baby Kyla is very low - she is surprised at just how low she is this early, so she said 'could be a late october early november baby' and i was shocked, so i said "really??" and she said, she feels like i am definitely not making it until thanksgiving and because baby is so low she wanted to do an internal - so she did, and i am not dilated or anything, so thats good, because it is still really early. she said i will be FULL term on november 3, so i guess that is my safe zone.

i put opinions welcome in the title because i figured i would ask you mommies out there who have already had children if something like this has happened to you before and if the baby did in fact come early, or just stay low until closer to the due date. i was planning on packing my hospital bag in a couple of weeks but then i'm thinking... maybe i should do it this weekend just to be safe, what do you think?

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hi, it's really so hard to say. it can't hurt to have a hospital bag ready just in case. i have heard of women being 3 cm dilated for many weeks before the baby is born--so that doesn't mean much as far as an early labor. but, i am unsure of how the baby positioning can contribute to an early birth. my first was high up even when my water broke! but, yeah, if your doctor is suggesting you may have an early labor, i would just take her advice!

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Its hard to say when a baby will or will not come. My 1st was really low at 36 weeks, and I still had to be induced 2 weeks later. With the other 2 I did have them early. This guy is def low, and feeling a lot like I did with DS2 ( who came completely on his own at 36 weeks). But, only time will tell as to what my body and baby will do. Ido have a history of early labor, and waters rupturing, so I know the likely hood that Ill go early is higher... Though not a guarantee. Being this is your first, its all a guessing game. I have read that with your first the baby can drop weeks before they are actually born. That its usually with your consecutive children that them dropping triggers labor sooner.

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Yeah, I don't know... having a baby that low probably does mean you'll deliver before your due date, but October? You're a first time mom. It takes a while for your cervix to get the memo the first time around. Wink I would definitely go ahead and pack my hospital bag, but I wouldn't count on going into labor so long before your due date.

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I agree with all the PPs. You never know what could happen, but at least it sounds like baby is good and settled since she is so low and that most likely means that she is in a great position for labor which in turn should make for a smoother labor whenever it does happen. Smile

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My son had already dropped at my 36 week appt. The nurse practitioner said "wow, just another 2-4 weeks for you left now that he's dropped so very low!" I was excited. I had no dilation or anything, but that's really normal and doesn't mean a darn thing. I could feel his head engaged myself though. He was about as low as he could get without causing me to dilate. I had my bag packed and couldn't wait......Yeah, he was induced at 41 weeks, 2 days. C/s almost 2 days later. FAIL. This time I'm not taking anything as a sign of labor coming other than true active labor. Blum 3

ETA: The nice part is at least kiddo is head down and once they get so low they probably aren't moving outta that position! Wink

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thanks ladies Smile
thats what i thought - theres really no way of knowing, when baby's ready she'll come, it was so exciting to hear though! Smile