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Since I figured we're here for the next nine months we might as well get to know eachother a little bit.. Share a little share a lot.... Whatever. Get to be friends. I'll even be brave and go first.

Name: Erin
Age: 35
Spouse/S.O.: Kevin Married 11 years
Other children: DSS Zack, 16, DSS Alek, 15, DS Patrick 5 going on 13.
Live: Near to San Francisco
Fave Activity: Reading.
Facebook: Yes but Shhhhhhhh.... Not announcing anything till at least second trimester
Addictions: Chocolate, Reading
Birth Plans: Planned C-Section. After my last birth, my doctor told me NEVER to do that again. I had to be rushed in for an emergency c-section after three hours of pushing (Don't panic, it's rare)

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Name: Kierstin
Age: 28
Spouse/S.O.: Ryan, together since High School (over 10 years) Married since '06 (just about 6 years)
Other children: Dayne 5 almost 6, Xander 3, Serenity 21 months
Live: Wisconsin
Fave Activity: Right now, relaxing on the couch watching movies... so tired, and no ambition to do much lol
Facebook: Yes
Addictions: this forum lol
Birth Plans: Hoping to go into labor on my own (1st I was induced 10 days early with cervigel... pushed for 1.5hrs with no progress and dcells, he had to be vacuumed out... 3rd I was induced with Pit at 36 weeks and 5 days... worst of my lobor for sure... my 2nd my water broke at 36 weeks... my labor progressed naturally... best labor and delivery), get my epidural when I need it, and push the baby out all on my own in 5 to 15 like I did the last two Smile

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Name: Beth
Age: 28
Spouse/S.O.: Joe, married 7, almost 8 years
Other children: DS Hayden 4.5, DD Kate 3, DS Anderson 1
Live: Houston area
Fave Activity: lazing watching tv right tired!
Facebook: Yes
Addictions: usually sweets, now I'm craving sour
Birth Plans: Probably another elective induction at 39 weeks, like my last 2. They were both easy breezy. My last one they had the Pit up as high as the doc wanted it to go and I couldn't feel anything, lol. Once my water broke though, the pain came! I have had very short labors.

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Name: SinkMe
Age: 25
Spouse/S.O.: DH (26) Married about 6 years
Other children: DD1 (2007) DD2 (2009)
Live: Northeast US
Fave Activity: Thrift store shopping
Facebook: I have a Facebook. Trying to keep this pregnancy a secret for awhile though which is why I'm not saying my names or kids names on the web
Addictions: eBay
Birth Plans: Repeat CS. My first birth (vaginal) was absolutely horrific which is why I had a planned CS the next time. I also have been diagnosed with an IBD so my OB definitely recommends a CS over VBAC even if I wanted to.

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Name: Jackie
Age: 28
Spouse/S.O.: DH, married 5.5 years
Other children: Aiden is 17 months
Live: North Carolina for now
Fave Activity: Cooking
Facebook: Yes but Shhhhhhhh.... Not announcing anything till at least second trimester -->same!
Addictions: baby carriers
Birth Plans: Natural VBAC in a hospital

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Name: Tiffany
Age: 26
Spouse/S.O.: Brandon, dating for 2 years
Other children: Sophia 4 1/2 years
Live: South Florida
Fave Activity: Playing video games and watching tv cause that's about all I have the energy for. I'm constantly tired.
Facebook: Yes but not announcing the pregnancy for a little while
Addictions: conventions and tattoos/piercings
Birth Plans: Hoping to go into labor naturally this time and not having to be induced. Hoping for another vaginal birth,but this time I want to see if I can do it drug free. Last time I had an epidural. I had a pretty short labor only 6 hours so hoping this one is shorter and I can do it without a epidural.

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Name: Tiffany
Age: 32
Spouse/S.O.: Rafael will be married 12 years this year and together 14.
Other children:DS Gabrael 11 and DD Marina 6 (7 next month)
Live: Near to San too...Bay area.
Fave Activity: Running, reading, but reading more than running lately!
Facebook: Yes but Shhhhhhhh.... Not announcing anything till at least second trimester...ditto, almost there!
Addictions: Peanut M&Ms
Birth Plans: Planned C-Section. Hopefully. Last one was planned but she had other plans and came early so I had to labor again until the doc got there. (12 hours later...he told me was sorry he was late but his wife was making his favorite pancakes.)

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Name: Katherine
Age: 29 (will be 30 in July)
Spouse/S.O.: Kevin. Married for 8.5 years, together almost 11 years
Other children: Mia-6, Elizabeth-4
Live: Fayetteville, NC
Fave Activity: Photographing, knitting, reading
Facebook: Yep
Addictions: photography, knitting
Birth Plans: Vaginal birth. I'd love to have a natural no med birth this time, since it's my last.

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Name: Belinda
Age: 35
Spouse/S.O.: Mike married 12 years
Other children: DSConnor, 11, DSLandon, 9, DS Liam 6, DS Noah 4, DS Keaton 2 this month.
Live: TN
Fave Activity: Reading and napping Smile
Facebook: Yes
Addictions: taking pics and pizza!
Birth Plans: Would love to go into labor on my own. Been induced for various reasons every time Sad They all went very smoothly though so I can't complain. No epidurals with first 4 but had one with #5. Plan on getting one again Smile Hoping it goes quickly.

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Name: natalie
Age: 26
Spouse/SO: DH-28 will be married 8 years this June, together for 11!
Other Children: Silas James - 16 months
Live: TX
Fave Activity: napping!
Facebook: Yes, I never even announced my first pregnancy on Facebook, most people were shocked when my brother posted a pic of my ds!
Birth Plans: Would like to go into labor on my own this time, was induced with ds because of complications. Vaginal, Hospital birth....bring on the epidural!

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Name: Cait
Age: 25
Spouse/S.O.: Kevin
Other children: DS Brody- 3.5
Live: WA state
Fave Activity: Relaxing with my boys
Facebook: Yes but not announcing until ...forever if i can
Addictions:, treats, haha idk
Birth Plans: Hopefully go into labor on my own and not induced this time. Probably an Epi again... we'll see what happens

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Age: 31
Other children: Drew 9, Brinley almost 7, Rowan almost 4, and Ellie just turned 2
Live: Denver
Fave Activity: Sewing! I love making clothes for my kids...especially dresses for my girls. I also quilt.
Facebook: I'm not on facebook, too much of a time suck for me. I'd rather be with my family or sewing!
Addictions: Green & Blacks organic mint chocolate! Hubs brings me home a bar everytime he goes grocery shopping.
Birth Plans: As natural as possible, not a fan of inducing. Although my doc is concerned this time because my last baby came after only 1 hour of labor and was born 4 minutes after we got to the hospital. We barely made it and we lived 5 minutes from the hospital at the time. Now we live 35 min from the hospital so my OB wants to break my water at 39 weeks. Decisions, decisions!

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Name: Stephanie
Age: 32
Spouse/SO: DH Kyle
Other Children: Carson James 3, Ellie Jayne 1 1/2, Alivia Noel 9
Live: IN
Fave Activity: playing with my kids
Facebook: Yes i'll post after first u/s
Addictions: not much Wink
Birth Plans: vaginal birth