it's been forever!

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it's been forever!

Well, I can't log into my other account, so I just made a new one.

Mama life is busy! I never thought I would be so occupied.

Owen is growing well; he is adorable. He will be 8 months on the 28th; he has two teeth (he got them in April and May), he started crawling July 17th, he eats all kinds of food, he babbles and laughs and is a cuddly dude. He is 28.5 inches and 19lbs 9 ozs. No health issues to report; he had croup and RSV back in March which was super scary but he recovered very well.

I have/had sever PPD, but my psychiatrist put me on 75mg of zoloft and things are a LOT better now. My bf isn't much help with the baby, however, apparently it's a man thing, and he IS working 2 jobs so we can buy a house soon. My Maternity leave only has a few months left, I am supposed to head back to work November 28th; not sure if anyone remembers the drama I went through at the last place I worked, but I have decided against going back to that horrible place... I might go back to school, I might just find part time work... Either way - NOT looking forward to leaving my guy!

I hope everyone is doing well - I will take some time and go read and check photos and see all these adorable November babies!

Here's a few recent photos of my little dude!

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awww. Glad to hear that you are all doing so well. What a big handsome man you have there Smile