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It's Here

The Nausea has arrived. :puke:
And nothing tastes good. I am grateful I only have one youngin' home right now (she had surgery last week so the others are all at gramma's for another week). I don't usually take anything, but may try unisom+B6, anyone have experience with it?

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My doc told me that I could take phenergan in the gel form. It's really great because you just put the gel on your wrists and rub them together and you don't get the side effects of the drug like complete incapacitating exhaustion that lasts for days, etc. I've got a bunch of that for if the nausea far it hasn't been too bad but I'm just 6 weeks so...I'm still expecting it to hit at some point. I hope you get to feeling better!

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Mines here too.. UGH.. all day long... Makes no food sound good, yet im constantly eating to try and lessen it a little.
I was taking b6 then I stopped, but I think I'll start back up
I think I'll go get some motion sickness bracelets too.

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Mine is here too. As long as I eat something when it hits, it hasn't gotten worse.

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I'm right behind you ladies. I'll be 6 weeks Tuesday and so far I haven't had much nausea. A few waves here and there that lasted maybe a few minutes. I have stocked up on candied ginger, crackers, Jolly Rancher candies, lemons, small snacks and LOTS of bananas. I also got a prescription for Diclectin just in case I'm in a bad way. I'll be buying the Sea bands for motion sickness tomorrow. I heard those help.

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I have been sick for the last few days too. If I dont eat right away in the morning I am sick all day! With my DD I was sick the whole pregnancy, so I am hoping that this one doesnt follow suit~

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I'm still getting waves here and there, but this morning it hit me pretty hard. It was a welcome sign after the random spotting I've been having Sad I only hope that the MS gets stronger so I feel a little more reassured until I am able to see my doctor in 3 weeks.

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With my first I was queezy, full blown sick (throwing up in the mornings) every day from 8 weeks till over 20, then it went to every other day, then to once a week by the end. With my 2nd it started at 6 weeks. With him I was sick 24/7 and even ended up on meds. Luckily it subsided at 15 weeks and was fine there on out. With my 3rd I started getting sick just in the am at 6 weeks also. With her it only lasted till about 12 to 13 weeks. My hope is that I get to avoid it all together this time around... not going to hold my breath though lol.

My advice... find what works for you and stick with it. With my 1st, it was blue Gatorade, with my 2nd it was mint (anything flavored mint, but especially shakes) and with my 3rd it was those tangerine preggy pops. Hang in there everyone, this too shall pass... even if its only eventually Wink

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This morning i had a hot flash then some major nausea. It only happens once in a while. But I am only 4 1/2 weeks so I am sure it will get worse.

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I have had a bunch of hot flashes too, especially at night! I don't remember that before! I do like a little nausea, it always reassures me that there is a bean in there, but not too much. Wink