The joys?

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The joys?

For about 2 weeks, the first thing I did every morning, was go to the washroom to poop... (I would say I Was between 3-5 weeks along, because it was right before I found out and only until about middle of this week...)

Is it normal now with my pre-natals to be constipated? It seems like I'm having a hard time going!:help1:

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VERY normal when pregnant for a variety of reasons. Make sure you're water intake is high enough, so drink water till your pee is practically clear! Also watch your fiber intake. Some fruits (pears, prunes, etc) are good for helping to keep you going better. Prenatals (especially if they have iron in them) can definitely hinder your ability in this area.
There's more, but my brain isn't working up to full speed these days to remember. Blum 3

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Definately normal! If I remember right, one of the hormones that lets all of your ligaments and everything stretch, can cause digestion to slow down.

ETA: Found a better explanation!

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Ditto to what everyone else said. Totally normal Smile