Just General Rambling... :)

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Just General Rambling... :)

So, my hair is still hard to deal with but after trying 3 or 4 shampoos, the one that is working the best for me is Suave! They have really improved their product, it even smells great!

Today there was a street fair around where we live, DH and I have been there before and LOVE their barrel pickles, so today we went with my sister, brother in law and their precious little 3 month old, Lillian! We had a great time and I picked up a 'one size' sundress that should continue to fit me throughout the pregnancy...

I also wanted a beef on a stick - bad idea!!! As soon as I was finished with it, thank God there was a garbage right there because i began gagging and got sick! my sister was trying to cover me so i wouldn't be stared at by the passersby, but one great woman who had a store on the block came out and my sister explained to her that i was pregnant, she offered me to go into her store and lay down (they had a vendor stand set up outside so no one was in the store), she was so kind offering me lolly pops and to lay down! I really felt fine though so i thanked her very much and we continued walking.

This has been a beautiful weekend weather wise and DH and i have spent a lot of quality time together, makes me fall in love all over again with him.
we saw "what to expect when you're expecting" yesterday - not particularly hilarious, but it was funny, and also a bit sad!!!!!!!

just hanging now, watching Kardashian marathon and relaxing! hope you're all doing great!
much love. Biggrin

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I LOVE LOVE LOVE Suave shampoos and conditioners, I used to go to Sally's Hair Supply and buy the matrix knock offs which were kinda expensive. I love that Suave is much cheaper for bigger bottles and it works awesome! Beef on a stick sounds horrid but mmm pickles, I'd love a deli one right about now... I have yet to throw up in public but I've come very close. I always end up crying every time I throw up between heaves so I think it would be quite a scene for passerby's if I were to be puking a trash can, but it was nice of that women to come check on you.

Sounds like you had a fun/good weekend Biggrin