just a general rambling/update.

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just a general rambling/update.

Yesterday my back hurt so bad (upper back though, not lower), I went for a walk and then did some shopping (I wanted to get a bin for all of the clothes i get from others to keep seperate from the new clothes i'll recieve and buy - my sister is not done having kids and i want to make sure all her stuff stays seperate so i can give it back to her, depending on the condition)... So i went to target, got a pretty green bin and some new maternity sweaters...
Being up and active helped my back but only to a point, i laid in bed very early last night because it was the only place i could get comfortable.

I'm not hungry at all this morning which is totally different for me, i'm always with a growling stomach in the morning no matter what...

i can't wait to get this week overwith because tomorrow and thursday are suppose to go back up to 80 degrees and be sticky. it won't get to be cool again until about next week... grr... the next cooler week we get i am making pumpkin muffins -i just can't do it in the warm weather - it doesn't feel the same.

my shower is October 13! I can't wait! The shower will be so much fun, and after the shower I will have so much to do that the next couple weeks after that will probably be a little quicker.

this past weekend i bought all my travel size toiletries for the hospital and i'll be packing my hospital bag at the end of this month! I can't wait for that either! well this was just a general rambling out of boredom and such LOL... i hope everyones doing good

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Yay for a baby shower! That's so exciting! Sounds like you are more prepared than I am! Smile