Just a reminder...

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Just a reminder...

Sign up for the gift exchange ends this week!!!

We have not set an amount to spend on gifts.... I was thinking between $15 and $25

Please PM me the following info, with the title Nightlight's Gift Exchange, before Thursday Aug. 16th !!

First and Last Name:
Gift registry (if you have one, or if you want to set one up for them to buy off of):
babies Gender:
Baby's Name:
Specific Needs:
Nursery Theme:
Do you mind Consignment items (You get more this way!!):
Anything else your partner needs to know?:
And would you be willing to be paired up with a person in another country?

On the 9th or 10th, I will PM you with your partner's questionnaire.

Keep it a secret on who you get

Mail your gift out by Thursday Oct. 10th, 2012!!