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Kellen Isaac (pic heavy)

The week from Halloween to November 7th I was so uncomfortable, and had a lot of on again off again contractions, that all progressively worse, especially in the last couple of day. The evening of the 6th I went and saw a chiropractor to see if that would help with my back pain, it did, but then I spent the night feeling like things were changing. I went to bed that night and things seemed to stop.

The morning of the 7th I woke up in a lot of pain, that got worse as I was running erronds. I got home and tried laying down to see if that helped, but it didnt. I was to the point that I just couldnt function or take care of the kids. I called my OB to see what I could do, and his nurse told me that she would just switch the appointment that I had scheduled for the next day to that afternoon. I then called my husband to come take the kids and I there, since I knew that I wouldnt be able to drive myself. I also called Ds1's school to let them know that DH would be picking him up early as we wouldnt be back in time to get him when school was done.

We got to the appt and DH and the kids stayed out in the waiting room while I went in. I told him about all the pain I was having. He checked me and I was "really thinned out", and where he had put me at a 1cm a few days before I was now about at 3cm. He told me that I was in "latent" labor at that point. That I had 2 choices: I could go home, labor longer there, and go in when things really picked up or I could go get admitted, monitored, and he could break my water to move things along. Given my 1/2 hr drive one way, not including the time it would take to get everyone ready, in the van, and dropped off at my sister's, I took the 2nd option. As I headed out the door I over heard my doc putting in the orders and over heard him tell the nurse on the phone that my water was also bulging, so I am even more thankful now that I didnt decide to go home.

While I got addmitted DH took the kids over to my sisters. Once I got up to the OB floor I got into a gown and put on the monitors. At that point I was contracting every 5 to 10 min. At about 3pm my doctor came in and broke my water. The nurse told me that as soon as the contractions and pains got more intense to let her know so that she could get my epidural ordered... that given that this was my 4th baby and things could go faster than they have in the past... and that there is always a chance that we would have to wait a bit for the annesitist to get there... that she didnt want me to miss my chance to get it. So, around 3:45 I got my epidural. I have to say, I LOVE the guy who did my epidural. About an hr later the nurse checked me and I was a full 3, at around 5:30 I was at a 4. At 5:45 the nurse came in and started pit since I wasnt progressing as fast as the doctor would like. My doctor stopped in at about 6:15 and asked how things were going. I told him that I was feeling more pain and pressure on my right side, to which he said to press the button for more epidural meds. That he was going back to his office to do some paper work he had left, and then was going home. But would be back to deliver. A few min. later the new nurse came on and came to see how things were going. I told her I was still having the pain and pressure so she checked me and said that it was because I had just a little bit of a lip of cervix left. She ran to call the docotor back over, and to finish setting up for delivery. At 6:30 I was complete, but had to wait to push since the doctor wasnt in the room yet. He came in, and as I got my legs into position Kellen came down. They had me give one push, and his head was crowning. They had me stop pushing so that the doctor could finish putting his gown on. One more push and his head was out. Then, with the final push his shoulders were out and the rest of him followed. I swear that my contractions pushed him out more than I did. Kellen Isaac was born at 6:42pm November 7th, 2012. He was by far my easiest labor, and delivery... let alone the fastest

As soon as he was out they laid him on my chest. The nurses started to rub him, and suck out his mouth and nose with a booger bulb, to get him to cry. They said that since everything had happened so quickly that all the gunk hadnt been squeezed out of him. His cry was so tiny and mouse like. I held him as they wrapped him up, DH cut the cord, and I delivered the afterbirth. After about 10 min or so the nurse took him to wrap him up a bit better and put a hat on him while I got re situated in the bed. DH had his turn to hold and admire his boy for a few min, as did my mom, who had arrived a few min AFTER he was born. Then they brought him back and I nursed him. He knew just what to do, and went to town.

We stayed in the delivery room for about 2hrs. My mom, sister, and BIL all hung out with us while we waited. About an hour before we were moved to our other room the nurse came in to weigh, measure, and give him his vitamin K shot. He was 6 lbs 1 oz and 19.75 inches. He is my biggest baby. The nurse came in just before we were moved to help me to the bathroom and then get in the wheelchair to go to the other side. DH and my sister helped give Kellen his first bath once we were in the new room. They all stayed until 10 or so. When they left we sent Kellen to the nursery where he slept until 530 am and they brought him back to nurse. While he was gone I didn't sleep all that well but it was nice anyway.

I have to say, so far he is such an easy going baby. His brothers and sister love having a baby brother. Our family really feels complete

pics (sorry about the sizes, photobucket changed and is now not working right for me Sad )

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Kier he is beautiful! Look at those features! You have some adorable kids!

Wow so your story is great! TFS! Good thing you stayed! 11/7 is a great day! My anniversary! 11/6 would have been good too since it is my bday as well!

Glad to hear you all are doing well!

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Congratulations! He's so cute! Smile

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So adorable!! Congrats-great birth story!

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Awesome. He's such a cutie!

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wahoo! i am so happy for you!

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Congratulations!!! What a CUTIE! great pictures, your whole gang is beautiful!

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Congratulations! He's absolutely adorable!

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I'm glad to hear you got to birth the way you wanted and that it was fast and easy! He is so adorable. Congrats again!

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Congrats on the adorable addition to your already beautiful family! So happy labor was such a breeze for you-hope recovery is just as easy. Smile

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Congrats!! I love all the pictures!

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Congratulations. He is beautiful as is the rest of the gang!

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Congrats again Kier! Kellen is absolutely adorable as is the rest of the bunch. Biggrin TFS!

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