Kellen's 2 week appt

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Kellen's 2 week appt

He is now 6lbs 11oz (8%) which is a pound more than what he left the hospital at, and 10oz more than what he was at birth. He is 18.25 inches (0%) he was 19.75 inches at birth. I believe both of the lengths are off. The way they measured him at birth wasnt as good, and he had a huge cone head. Today he was fighting me to extend his legs. The ER last week had him just under 19inches, so who knows. The doc today said that at this point the length isnt all that reliable... They they go mor by weight. His head circ was 34cm (7%).... I cant remember for sure what it was at birth.

He has had a couple more episodes of throwing up the past couple of days again. The doc said that since its not every day that they will wait and see what happens in the next couple of weeks before putting him on reflux meds. His eyes are looking better, and developmentally hes right on track. He still has his umbilical cord stump, but the doc thinks it should fall off soon Smile

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Yeah, sounds like there was some issues with length measuring at some point! But as long as he's eating, peeing, and pooping well he probably is doing well. Smile My son still had his cord at 2 weeks. lol. I hope the throwing up goes away!

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My daughter had her stump for a long time....definitely longer than 2 weeks. Glad he is doing well and his eye too!

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Cristiano lost his stump at like 16 days I think. My other 2 both lost theirs at 10 days. Definitely sounds like a measuring error. I think we had that today too. The nurse pulled on C's leg and he moved a l ittle from her first mark she made at his head. Glad to hear he is progressing and gaining! And his eye is better! We got some antibiotics for C's eye today too. He barely has goop in his eye, he had it more at 2 weeks but doc said to see if it doesn't go away in a couple days then to use the ointment.

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Sounds like he's doing great! Piper was 20.5 inches at birth and at her follow up pedi appt at 3 days old she was 21.5 inches. An inch in 3 days? Yeah....the measurements aren't always accurate, lol.