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Just curious how often everyone is feeling kicks.

DD was a very strong and frequent kicker from very early on. This baby... not so much. I'm lucky to get half a dozen kicks a day, and almost never more than 2 at a time. He does usually kick a few times between 11 and 11:30 pm, but so far today I've felt one kick. It's kind of disconcerting, actually. I know that two weeks ago he was as healthy as you can determine from an ultrasound, and the kicking pattern hasn't really changed since then. So I'm not really worried. Just... it's odd.

Even odder that DD had an anterior placenta (so it should have been muffling the kicks) and this baby's placenta is posterior (so I should be able to feel them better). Not to mention that this is a second baby, which usually means you can feel the kicking better.

Anyway, what is normal for everyone else right now? Was DD just a super hyper baby in utero? (That would totally mesh with her personality now, btw, so it wouldn't surprise me to hear that.) Or is this baby just really lazy?

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Each of my kids have been different. DS1 I started feeling for sure around 20 weeks. And, from then on if he was awake, I knew it lol. DS2 I started feeling around 15 or so weeks. He wasnt quite as active, but when he did move it was big, full force purposeful kicks. DD I started feeling around the same time as DS2. She was always more dainty movements, more butterfly like. This baby isnt nearly as active was the other 3. I didnt really start definitely feeling him till around 17 weeks or more. My placenta is anterior, which accounts for some of why it didnt start till later, and all that. But, even at my ultrasound he wasnt nearly as active as the other 3 had been during theres. He started off more with wiggly, adjusting, type movements... like he just wanted to get comfy. I am feeling more kicks, jabs, and you can even see them through my abdomin some times... but, just not as much.

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I started feeling him pretty consistently around 15-17 Weeks and last week a lot stronger thigh not add often as his brother. Maybe it's cause I was 20-22 Weeks by the time I could clearly identify them with DS1..

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for me normal is just for a little bit in the morning and maybe if i'm lucky more in the afternoon. i can go a day or 2 feeling nothing or just very little.

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My placenta has been anterior for all three of my pregnancy's. With DS he had very strong distinct movements. DD was more rolling and flipping instead of kicks. This LO is very calm, half the time I can't feel any movement unless I am lying down. Yesterday I hadn't felt any movement at all, I laid down after work and still didn't feel anything until almost 10:00 when I went to bed.

I think each child is just different. DS now is very active, DD is very calm, so it could just be part of their personalities.

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As soon as I felt DS, I felt him every day all the time. He was a big time mover and still is. Blum 3 This little girl? Every now and then I'll feel a bunch (as in maybe 8 movements max in an hour lol) but usually it's just one here or there a few times a day. It wasn't until a couple of weeks ago that I felt her every single day. She's not a kicker. Recently the movements I'm feeling are of her just spinning herself around slowly (she hasn't gotten the memo that head down would be nice ;)). If she gives a good swift kick then I can see it already though. That just doesn't happen very often at all though.
I'm really hoping this means that she'll be a bit slower paced than DS who was on the move across the room by the time he turned 4 months. I never once had a floppy head newborn. He came out thinking he was 2 months old. Blum 3

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With this one I sear it seems as if he is always moving. If it's not kicking then I can feel him moving around in there or if he has the hiccups. I haven't even tried to count how many times I feel him kick, it's just too many for me to keep track of. I think he definitely moves more than my DD did when she was in there.

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I am same as you Tiffany, this lil guy I can feel all the time. I have placenta previa too but I can feel the kicks way low and on tehside. Right now he is moving because I'm sitting. He is allll over the place. I feel hiccups too. DD wasn't as active and with DS, hmmm, it's really hard for me to remember that far but I know he moved quite a bit. I say this one takes the cake. Could be because I didn't quite give up my morning coffee with him like I did the other 2. The one cup a day keeps him going all day! He's on a schedule too, gets my up at about 3:30 in the morning and if I"m not working, at about 7am.

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I feel baby move pretty regulary through out the day! Mostly when I am sitting down and resting, but at times when I am up and moving around. The most I feel her is when I am laying down to go to bed at night though. Some days she is more active than others, and it always depends on if I have had something sugary to eat or drink!

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I have an anterior placenta this time so I didn't start feeling consistent movement until about 21 weeks as opposed to 17-18 weeks with the others. Now though, I feel this LO move or kick at least 2 or 3 times an hour but there are periods during the day where he/she will move or kick for 15 minutes straight. I'm also feeling hiccups at least once a day. Some babies are definitely more active than others. DS4 moved way less than the first 3.

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I feel him often during the day when I am at work (I have a sit down job) and then again at night at around 8-9 pm he starts for a bit.. and starts at 4a.m (I always wake up to pee) he's always kicking around.. except on weekends. He hardly moves much on weekends (probably because I am so busy) and if the step daughter is here he is even quieter... i don't think he likes her much. (seriously)

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I know how you feel. I worry when I don't feel much movement as well. I probably worry too much. I think if your ultrasound looked good, then I wouldn't worry too much about it unless you stopped feeling movement at all. I think feeling a few kicks a day is totally normal until they get bigger. My baby isn't nearly as active as DS was. I felt DS almost all day every day at 20 weeks. This baby is very quiet during the day. I only feel a few kicks in the PM and then most of mine are in the evening, but it's still nothing like it was when I was pregnant before. If you are really nervous then I wouldn't be shy about calling my Dr. I am sure they can put your mind at ease. Smile