Kind of off topic, cooking question...

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Kind of off topic, cooking question...

So, I was vegetarian for 2 years before i got pregnant and since being pregnant have found it hard to fill out my diet with what i've needed so i started eating meat again during the pregnancy - which presented me with the issue of cooking meat, since i never had to before (DH was always really supportive of me and never asked that i cook him a meat dish, he'd just eat the vegetarian meals i used to prepare, he is in heaven now i think with what i cook LOL)...

anyway - I still try to do things on the healthier side, i buy turkey chop meat instead of beef for meatballs - and my question surrounds the turkey meat... i've only made turkey meatballs maybe 4 times? ...this time before i made them i kept taking HUGE whiffs of the meat just to make sure it was ok (even though there's no reason it shouldn't be, we just got it and it's been frozen, i just took it out the freezer this morning)...

my question is this - if anyone cooks with turkey chop meat - does it have a VERY SLIGHT smell if you are taking a whiff of it closely? just like a raw meat smell - nothing rotten or anything like that... i mean i probably wouldn't have even smelled it if i didn't take a whiff of it... or should it smell like absolutely nothing? i already have my gravy on and the meatballs cooking so i'm hoping that it's ok.

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I think it does, and I don't care for it. I'm sure it's fine, just cook it thoroughly!

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Thanks Smile it ended up being fine - because DH ate a ton of meatballs and gravy - I on the other hand psyched myself out too much so decided to have something else for dinner, LOL...

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Yeah, I think all raw meat has a slight smell to it. Just make sure you use it by its "use by" date. Glad DH liked it and good for you for being cautious!

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I don't smell meat ever. I think it all has an odd smell. Just cook everything till well done and chances are you're fine. Especially if it was bought fresh, frozen in a timely manner, and then defrosted in the fridge. Smile

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I have had issues with meat smelling to me every time I've been pregnant! I can't smell it too closely at all! But you definitely know when it's "turned" Smile

DS1 was asking where bacon came from at breakfast the other day and the more we talked about it, the harder it was for me to even think of eating it! Borderline vegetarian = me!