Kyla Grace's Birth Story

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Kyla Grace's Birth Story

Last Tuesday, November 27, I had a 9:50 doctor appointment at 40 weeks and 3 days. DH took off from work because it was supposed to snow and being that I was overdue he wanted to be there to hear what, if any, options were going to be offered to us.

I was barely 2 cm dilated but again, my cervix seemed to be ready. My doctor said that sometimes women are ready but their body just doesn't send off the "go into labor" signal, however she was willing to let me go only until 41 weeks. She said regardless of going to 41 weeks that day I had to go to the hospital to monitor baby and make sure everything was ok, considering the fact that she had gone past her due date. After taking time to explain everything to us she turned around and said "unless of course you want to be induced today", I could not say no - it was like the carrot dangeling in front of me, I figured i am going into the hospital anyway and once I am there I will not be able to wait much longer, so DH and I made the decision to do it that day.

We left the doctor office and it was snowing hard out - it was beautiful. Came home, picked up bags and my Mother and on our way we went! We first stopped for lunch because I had no idea when I'd eat again and I was starving.

We got to the hospital around noon, and all settled into the labor and delivery room around 12:30. After the baby was monitored and everything looked good - they began inducing me with pitocin at 2:00.
By 4:00 I was 3 cm and 90% effaced, the monitro was picking up my contractions and i still felt nothing, my doctor came in to check me and then broke my water - at this point i was able to finally feel my contractions. They were not unbearable but definitely not comfortalbe, I figured I would get the epidural at this point before I reached the point of no return and i'm glad I did, because about 3 hours later the nurse came in to check me and I knew something was different at this point because the exam felt different - she RUSHED out of the room and my friend over heard her say to a nurse "SHE'S 9 CM!", they had to rush to call my doctor, and all the nurses were amazed at how quickly i had progressed. when my doctor got there she was excited, she said "wow i knew this would be fast but not THIS FAST, don't cough or laugh or she'll come out!"

After about 4 or 5 pushes, Kyla Grace was born at 7:44PM weighing 6 lbs and 3 oz and meashing 18 1/2 inches long. She was so beautiful, I will absolutely never forget that moment. I was very fortunate and blessed with this labor and only needed 1 stitch and no episiotomy. I don't know what I did in my past life but God was definitely with me and I feel extremely blessed.

Kyla is doing great and we really could not be happier, I am still in awe and cherishing every single moment!

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So glad that you had a quick labor and recovery! She's beautiful, congrats!!!

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What a great birth story Smile Im glad everything went so smoothly Smile

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So glad you had such a wonderful birth experience!! She is beauiful!!

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Congrats!!!! Smile