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Was in L&D

Sorry I've been MIA.

Yesterday I started contracting in the morning before work. Thought it was just crampiness. Went to work and it got worse. Anyway my boss is on one of his flying doctor trips and I had to see one old man because something is wrong with his dentures and i wanted him to eat since he is so frail so I fixed them. They I decided to go home. Well during my drive home ( I commute 44 miles each way) they got stronger and my back pain never let up so I decided to go right to the hospital which is 30 miles past my house! Told DH and told him to stay at work and pick up the kids after school and to wait for me to tell him if this is a false alarm or not. Get there, they hook me up and yes i am contracting every 3 minutes. So they decide to give me some iv fluids to get them to stop (had the same t hing happen with DD at 36+3 and they didn't stop so had c sec that day with her) Well they didn't stop but spaced from 2-8 mins apart. I was there for a few hours and they said I started to dialate to 1 and was 50% effaced but not enough to keep me and to go home. I was like, what??? then they went onto tell me about Kaiser's policy, if baby is not in any distress ( and he was great on themonitors) then they had to do what it took to stop the contrax, or slow them down. Research shows that the 39 weeker babies have a "healthier" and better outcome for their future health then a baby at 37 weeks. Mind you, yesterday I was 37+6. So contrax eventually stopped around midnight and if I get up I get them back. I am scheduled for my c-section a week from today. But if water breaks or I contract every 2 minutes for more than an hour, than I am to go back to L&D. But only if those things happen. :angry1::confused:

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Well, considering you 38 weeks and not 37 and there is always a slight margin of error in due dates even if yours is spot on, I think I would get back up and do as you need to. Any chance you can go somewhere else if they pick back up? Or maybe they will realize you are 38 weeks now when you go back in. Personally I would refuse meds to make them stop at 38 weeks, but this is coming from someone who never goes early. GL and KUP! Maybe next time you will get someone else that is working when you go in.

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I find it odd that they would stop the contractions when you are full term and scheduled to have a c-section in a week anyway. I have a friend in California who has Kaiser and she complains about it a lot. I'm sorry they didn't keep you and now you have to wait and see if it happens again and have to drive all the way back over there!

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That is weird!! I would have questioned why they were stopping them too! Maybe because you had to have a c-section?? Seems odd to me too!

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wait a min, dont you have some sort of previa? I am 35 weeks, and if my labor starts they wont stop it any more. Seems strange to me that they wouldnt just keep you and take him out at this point? Heck, I was INDUCED at 38, and then 36, with my first and 3rd. Was your doctor not on or unavailable or something?

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Hmm, that's strange that they stopped them. The hospital I'm delivering at won't try to stop labor after 36 weeks. Seems kind of silly when you are only a week away from your c-section. I'd be frustrated too!

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Oh man! So close, so exciting! Let me know if something changes (if you have a chance) and I will update for you! Smile

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Thats weird (I have Kaiser too, we're just a few miles apart, where are you delivering? I'm going to W.C.) They told me if for some reason I go into labor after 37 weeks they will just do the c-section since theres always a doctor on call there.