Leaving my OB and my appt was a bummer

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Leaving my OB and my appt was a bummer

This is a bit of a vent and a little long so please excuse me. I feel bad even venting considering my baby is healthy and so am I for the most part, but here it goes.

So I decided a couple weeks ago to leave my OB's practice and move to a practice of just midwives. I really have liked my OB, but I just want a more natural route of prenatal care and I would like to deliver at our local birth center so I need to switch practices in order to do that. Yesterday was my last appointment with my OB so I had planned on telling her I was leaving. I had to have an ultrasound(again) to measure my baby's growth and I had to take the glucose test since I haven't taken it yet. (I missed the appointment when I was suppose to take it b/c my DS was sick so that's why it got pushed back to now.)

So basically this is how everything went in a nutsell:
1)Ultrasound went well. Baby is perfectly healthy. Weighing over 3 lbs and in the 31st percentile for his size. YET THEY WANT ME TO HAVE ANOTHER U/S to measure his growth... Not doing it.
2)Took my diabetes test and got a 135... Apparently 135 or higher is failing so I got exactly a 135 and have to take the 3 hour now. I am honestly considering not even taking it. I really do not think I have diabetes and if I need to cut back on sugar or something, then I can do that without taking it anyway. Is that too gutsy? Maybe I will just ask my new midwife at my appt next week.
3)My iron is low so I got an RX for iron. That was good to know so I can work on that.
4)I gained 2 lbs in 6 weeks and got a "talking to" about that, but then when she measured my tummy I was right on 30 weeks so she said, "Well, I guess you are fine."

I just feel bummed because I have really liked my OB and I really wanted to actually tell her that I was leaving her yesterday rather than just letting her get my request for my medical records from the new practice. BUT she spent less time with my than ever yesterday. She literally ran in and out and didn't even speak with me for more than 2 minutes. I guess on one hand I am happy that I don't have to have that "talk" with her, but on the other hand I wanted to thank her for her care so far. Oh well. I guess the whole appointment confirmed for me why I am choosing to switch, but for some reason I left sad & frustrated. I am not even sure why exactly? I guess part of me wanted to stay there and part of me really wants to switch. The whole thing just made me realize I will have to switch if I want long appointments where I can ask 20 questions, no more unneeded ultrasounds, etc.

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You're doing what you feel is best and transferring so you can deliver where you want to. Don't worry about your OB. Sounds like she is super busy and has a lot of other patients if you're only getting to see her for two minutes.

You can always choose not to take the 3 hour test. I asked about this because I failed my one hour and had a suspicion that I already had GD (I do). The nurse at my OB's said you can always refuse to have the test. Especially because you just barely hit 135.

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I say just skip the 3-hour GTT. I refused the 3-hour test with DD. My blood sugar was 141, and my doctor's cutoff was 140 (so by that measure, you didn't even fail). I told them I didn't want to do the 3-hour test. They looked shocked and everyone kept saying, "But you'll definitely pass it, 141 isn't even that high." :annoyed: Yes exactly. That's why I don't want to take it.

Finally we decided I would get a glucometer and test my blood sugar every morning and after one meal a day. If it was fine, then we wouldn't worry any more. And it was fine, though my blood sugar was much higher all pregnancy than it's been this time.

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double post

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Uhhh yeah, bad appt but at least you know you're making the right choice for you!
Good thing you're moving because makes zero sense to me to have another u/s when everything is perfect. My OB with DS kept doing u/s and I felt like he was just looking for a problem. Ugh.
I'd just call up your midwife and tell her what happened with the GD test and see what she wants to do next. Maybe they'll have you monitor your numbers for a few days or just put you on a GD diet or a modified one. I honestly wouldn't worry one bit about this since your number isn't bad.
And seriously she freaked out over your weight after an u/s shows everything is fine and you're measuring right on track? We all gain differently and at different rates.

Really glad you're moving on towards the birth you want!!! Biggrin

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i'm sorry your last visit didn't go as you were hoping for - but it is true, the fact that you are pursuing the path to the happiest delivery for you and doint what you really want to do, i think thats great! id bring up the glucose test to the midwives, they may just have you do the same thing as you were planning on in any case but at least they'll have a heads up.