lets give thanks

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lets give thanks

What are you thankful for?

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I'm thankful to be surrounded by my family and to be baking a healthy almost 40 week baby!

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I've been doing the 30 days of thankfulness on FB this year. Today's was about me being thankful for Sesame Street and Netflix instant watch since it's helped me keep my sanity during the rough days. lol. Yesterday's was thankfulness that there wasn't pressure for me to be induced or have a RCS just because of the holiday weekend. And that my baby is doing perfectly just where she is. Smile

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I am thankful for antibiotics, and medical advancements. I am also thankful for my hubby, who is not only a good husband, but a great father. I am also thankful for my kids, who challenge me, but also show me what really matters. I could go on and on Smile

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For my daughters wonderful medical team. They are helping us beat cancer!

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I'm thankful for baby's regular breathing the last few days, even though our thermostat mysteriously was set at 62 again two nights ago, and for not needing to be in the hospital over Thanksgiving, and especially for having a mostly healthy baby boy. There are lots of other things I'm thankful for, but those are at the front of my mind this week.

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I am very thankful for a healthy pregnancy, a fantastic husband who I will be married to for 1 year this Monday, the great relationship I have with my Mother, my entire family and all my friends! I'm also very happy that DH and I have made it work since I had to leave my job and things haven't been very easy financially... I'm happy that we always have what we need and all the help we have had with getting what we need for the baby!

i'm thankful for this message board too and all of you because it has helped a lot of long boring hours and it has been a great support system during the pregnancy, especially for all of the questions I have had along the way, thanks girls Smile