LIttle Vent about my darn veins

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LIttle Vent about my darn veins

I finally took my 3 hour glucose test today. Not sure if I passed yet or not. Hopefully, I did b/c it was not a fun test!They had to stick me like 10 times. I am not exaggerating. They blew 4 veins! It really wasn't their fault. My veins suck and I was dehydrated from fasting for so long. They had 3 different people try to get blood at one point and it just wouldn't work. I always have issues with my veins, but never to that degree. I was scared they weren't going to get it done for a minute. They seemed like they were about to give up and finally the midwife got it from me on the last try. Now I just look like a junkie though... Smile

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Booo! I hope you passed with flying colors!

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Ugh, that sounds terrible Sad I hope you pass!

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Sounds awful!! I really hope you pass!