Locked and Loaded!

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Locked and Loaded!

My baby girl has turned to the head down position! This is so exciting, I feel so proud of her LOL... My doctor said she can always move around and have to turn again, but it's very good that she's done this this early! It was such great news to get at my doctor visit today.

On the weight front ... since last visit 2 weeks ago ACCORDING to my scale, i've gained 1.5 lbs... then after 2 glasses of water, oatmeal, outfit and shoes... on her scale I gained 4 lbs... so she made mention of the weight, and I told her exactly what I weighed at home, she asked me how i weighed myself - and said that i was fine, but she'd still like me to be more active (she asked if i was active, and i can't lie, i WAS active, but the past 2 weeks i really haven't done a damn bit of walking or exercise)... so she said i should just be a bit more active, and the next time i come she said she'll have the nurses put paper towels down on the scale and all and i can take my shoes off... Smile todays visit was great, even though I personally think i've gained a lot of weight, it's not bothering me as much these days... i've gained 27 lbs so far and there are 2 months left so that has me a bit concerned but not crazy anymore... it's so close to seeing my beautiful baby girl, and her nursery is pretty much done - there's a chill in the air so it really feels like fall, everything feels so tangible now so i can't help but be happy and excited!

B/P was 108/72 so i'm doing good there too!

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Yeah for a terrific visit with the doc... and so what if you've gained four pounds. One pound per week at this point! Thats standard. According to my scale I've put on 15 pounds, according to hers its closer to 20... whatever. I figure he's growing and so am I and thats a good thing.

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27 lbs at this point is really quite normal! I actually didn't gain but maybe 2 pounds in the last month of DS's pregnancy! It's not like you've packed on 50 lbs ya know? Wink
Sounds like a great appt overall though. Smile

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Sounds like a great appt. 27lbs, at your height and starting weight, is GREAT. Tell her to shove the scale where the sun doesnt shine. Seriously, I would slap her if I was there and heard her give you any sort of crap. lol. So , you can see what kind of a mood I am in Wink But, seriously, YAY for a great appt, and for a head down baby Smile

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Hooray! What great news that your girl is head down now Smile I agree with everyone else - 27lbs is great for this point!! I always take my shoes off to step on the scale, even if I'm wearing flip flops Wink