Looks like its baby time!

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Looks like its baby time!

I had a BPP/NST today and several factors pointed to the fact that we should move this show on. So I am going in to the hospital in an hour to start the lowest dose of pitocin to get my labor going.

I have been having lots of contractions but they always go away at night and my cervix is definitely dilating. So hopefully it will only take a tiny bit of pitocin to kick start my body. I really was not wanting anything artificial to start my labor but my midwives are very sparing with pitocin and I know my body is almost there so I am pretty at peace with our decision.

So either tonight or tomorrow my sweet baby will be here! Smile

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Praying that you have a quick and easy labor! Keep us updated as you are able!!

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Easy labor vibes!

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YAY for baby time. I'm sorry that its not your ideal way for things to go, but I am glad that they are moving forward with your health, baby's health, and your wants in mind. Praying that everything goes smoothly, that it just takes a tiny bit of pit to get thing kick started, and that your body takes over from there. Cant wait to "hear" all about it and see pics of your littlest man soon Smile

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Yay! Sending you easy labor vibes! Can't wait to see your little one! Smile

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Hope everything went smoothly and you're holding your little one right now! Smile

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Updated in my Birthing Naturally lodge Smile