Manic Monday

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Manic Monday

Another crazy week begins. What did you do this past weekend? Whats up for the week a head? Anything new and exciting for your crazy prego life?

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We went out as a family to the city an hour away. Did some shopping (we're limited locally) and took DS to a really nice park there that had a miniature train and carousel. He loved it!
This coming week is fairly boring - just an OB appt scheduled for Thursday morning. If DH isn't working on Saturday I'm going to have him babysit so I can go to a VBAC group that's meeting an hour away.
Otherwise I'm just planning on working on Aiden's big boy room so he can move over soon and adjust before Zoe comes!

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Well, I am awaiting news regarding my parents and their health this week. (There is a update on the Dec forum, but both are going to have surgeries within the next month and there might be cancer involved. My mom is really scared.) Anyways, so I tried to help this weekend by cooking a meal and bringing another meal to them for their freezer. And they had to close their cabin up early this year so helped unload all that stuff. Also trying to get caught up laundering all the baby clothes through a year old and then rematching stuff up. It is nutz when you are already do insane amounts of laundry because your children have bedwetting issues even with a pull up for my ds. My SIL gave me huge boxes of clothes for the baby. I shared with her and now she is sharing back with me among other clothes given to her. She actually has too much stuff, some of the stuff I gave her looked untouched.

This friday I finally have my glucose test and ob appt...yes a little late. Haven't seen my doctor himself in a while.

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Manic Monday is right! Just finishing up a couple of tasks for work early this week, then I hope to take a couple of days off. DS2's bday party is this weekend, so I have some things to do to get us ready for that. I have a huge list of things I'd like to get to around here, but I'm not able to do much these days without having a lot of contractions. Looking forward to talking to my doctor tomorrow afternoon and finding out what's up. I know I probably just need to rest more, but easier said than done...!

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I spent Saturday cooking and cleaning. Not very much fun. The whole family has come down with a head cold. So Sunday I headed off to work for my 11 hour shift, while DH and the kids stayed home to rest. Pretty quite weekend.

This week Today, DS has school pictures, then on Wednesday I have my OB appointment and dietician appointment, because I failed all three hours of my test. So GD diet here I come.

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I couldn't have described this paticular Monday any better if I tried. It's definitely been manic.

Work is going to be nuts this week. We have lots giong on this week and I feel a little stressed about it all. In fact, I called DH and cried on my very short lunch break. I know I am only being emotional and most likely hormonal, but some days this place gets to me.

This past weekend was nice though. DS spend the weekend with his grandma so it gave DH and I some alone time. DS loves going to her house and he hasn't seen her in a couple months so they got to spend some time doing fun stuff. DH and I went out to eat, went on a long bike ride, watched movies, etc. It was nice to spend some one on one time together. Especially since this might be it for awhile.

As far as the pregnancy goes, I don't have much exciting news to share. Things seem to be moving right along.