Maternity clothes question....

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Maternity clothes question....

I know it's a little early for a lot of you to think about this but, with this being kiddo #3, I've already begun to "pop"...don't get me wrong-I'm still at that awkward "Is she pregnant or is she gaining weight?" phase but, it's time for maternity clothes soon. Anyway, I had the hardest time while pregnant both times before finding maternity jeans that do NOT fall down. I have a saggy pancake butt so, no junk in the trunk to hold em up I guess. Anyone else have this problem? They're fine for maybe an hour and then before I know it, I'm tugging them back up before they fall down to my knees. I haven't noticed a difference b/w the full stretchy waistband that sits under the belly or the ones that have the sheer part that pulls over the belly either-same problem. Any insight is welcomed!!! :o)

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I'm in maternity pants full time and have for weeks now! I've noticed that I do have to pull up those thinner full body panel pants up, but if I remember correctly it wasn't an issue the bigger the belly got. I do have a butt, though not huge by any means. The underbelly ones are making me uncomfortable right now, so I don't wear them often. I definitely prefer dresses and wear them often!

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The only pants that I have found that I am comfy in (shorts as well) are the ones with the long stretchy tops...
I also had trouble with the other ones falling off (though, not because of a lack of butt lol), and pushing too much on my belly. This kind of top seems to be the best fit for me... I also really like that it stretches with my belly, so I can wear them though out my pregnancy Smile

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I bought 2 pairs of maternity pants from Motherhood Maternity in the "Secret Fit" panel style and they are so comfy, slip hardly ever and are VERY flattering! I ordered them off the website too. Smile

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I'm in maternity pants 60% of the time (mainly when I'm out and about and yoga pants just won't do). I too bought the motherhood maternity secret fit panel pants/crop jeans and they fit awesome. They had a sale on them before of 10$ off, I don't know if it's still going on though. I did find that the ones I paid 35$ sit and stay better than the ones I got on sale for 16$, not sure why that is. I would suggest going to motherhood and trying on pants with and without their "belly" to see if they fit and stay up (you don't even have to buy anything just to see), you can usually tell right away. I have to have the full panel ones or else they just don't fit well.

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My Jeans from old navy are comfortable and my work pants from gap are okay thanks to the adjustable waist but my motherhood pants are way to big still.

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Ugh, maternity jeans make my bottom look like I've attached balloons to the back. It's awful, there's just way too much material in the back for my skinny bottom. The waist usually fits great (although I never got big enough for the full panel pants with DD - they always still fell off), but the fit is just horrible. If I find jeans that fit me in the legs and bottom, the band is waaay too tight.

All of my maternity clothes were given to me by a friend who is very close to my size. It was very generous of her, and to be honest I can't really justify spending that much money on maternity clothes anyway, so I've just contented myself with looking frumpy while pregnant. Wink Around the house I have some great stretchy maternity pants that are extremely comfortable, and I do have one pair of khakis that fit me reasonably well, which I tend to wear when I'm going to meet friends (as opposed to just going to the store where I'll only see strangers - who cares what they think, lol). But those jeans... ugh.

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So I took out all of mine the other day. I have khakis from motherhood that fit perfectly right now and should fit through the second. I have grey yoga pants that look dressy from there that are still HUGE and falling off. But they'll be good for 3rd trimester. I tried on everything and the best fitting that I will continue to fit because of the ties and zippers that help right now are black slacks from Kohls oh motherhood line. And theyre comfortable for an eight hour day at the office.