Maternity Photo Shoot

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Maternity Photo Shoot

My sister has a friend who is an aspiring photographer. She works for a photography studio and puts wedding albums together but she is also branching out and building her own portfolio as a photographer. She takes very beautiful and proffessional pictures of my niece for my sister since she was born for free - because it helps her get practice and all!
So she asked my sister if i'd like some maternity photos taken free of charge! so thats what i did today. nothing too crazy just got a few shots of me alone, with the sonogram picture, with some baby shoes, ect... i can't wait to see them after she edits them and all! i think that was such a nice thing- when we made the plans last weekend i was thinking "oh no what if i go into labor before friday?" because this was her only free day, but we made it lol...

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That's great! Smile