Meet Archer...born 11/3 (lots of pics and birthstory!)

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Meet Archer...born 11/3 (lots of pics and birthstory!)

Archer David F
39 w 2d
11/3/12 at 4:52am
7lbs 5oz
20 1/2" long

Just after birth...can you spot his birthmark up on his chest?

After his bath and moving to our new room on the postpardum floor

He was having a hard time maintaining his temp, so he got to wear a sleep sack

Meeting big sister Brinley (7)

Drew (9) finally has a brother!!

Big sister Rowan (4)

And finally, big sister Eleanor (Almost 3)

The kids were more obsessed with his feet than anything else!

On our way to the Lullaby Lounge for sibling snacks and play time. They had just been warned that they had to be QUIET in the hallway or they would have to go home, hence the somber faces. Haha

And finally, in his mama made going home outfit...which is huge! I was expecting him to be almost 9lbs like his big sister!

Archer's Birthstory...
I woke up Halloween morning with bloody show, and lots of cramps and mild contractions. Over the next few days the contractions got stronger, many times to the point that I thought I was in active labor. But the contractions would stop dead in their tracks just as I started packing to head to the hospital! I was feeling pretty frustrated, and tired after being up at night and unable to sleep through contractions.

Finally on Saturday November 3rd, I woke up just after midnight with more contractions. I was able to sleep off and on until 2am when the contractions were too close together to sleep through. I got up and started timing them. They were 5 minutes apart, but quickly graduated to 3 minutes apart. After 30 minutes of contracting every 3 minutes, I woke up the husband and started getting ready to go. My last labor progressed very quickly, and my daughter was born in the hospital hallway 5 minutes after our arrival, so I didn?t want to waste any time this time! I called a friend to come sit with the kids, and off we went at about 3am.

We got to the hospital about 40 minutes later. I wanted to walk around the lobby for a while before checking in, just to make sure I was still in labor, and things weren?t going to stall out this time. We walked and talked for about 20 minutes, then the contractions got so intense that I couldn?t walk through them anymore. I wanted to show up pretty late in my labor so I could avoid as much intervention as possible. I didn?t feel like it would be wise to wait any longer, so we headed up to L&D.

After checking in and getting settled into my room, they started my IV, although I refused the fluids so I could walk if I needed to. When the nurse finally checked my cervix I was a 5 ? almost 6. I was so upset I wanted to cry!! After all those contractions, I showed up at the hospital halfway there. I was so mad at myself for over-estimating where I was at. I tried to hide my disappointment and we got started on paperwork. They had to ask me the thousands of questions they ?need? to know. Have I fallen recently? No. Did I do drugs? No. Have I ever been abused? No! I had several contractions that seemed to feel more intense and last longer than usual, but I was still able to answer questions though them. After 30 minutes of paperwork and such, everyone left the room and I was finally able to get up and walk around. I was determined to get this labor on the road!

I stood up just as a HUGE contraction hit. I bent over the bed in pain. The contraction seemed to go on forever?I was finally able to stand up straight, but I couldn?t walk. All I wanted to do was go to the bathroom?but walking there was a feat! My legs felt like they were made of lead! I actually felt better when I sat on the toilet, but when I stood up, I knew it was time to push! I told DH to get the nurses?I needed to be checked again ? NOW!! I hobbled back to my bed and tried to sit. The nurses came back in and were completely shocked that I was complete. Not even a lip of cervix! Yes!! I couldn?t believe that I had gone from a 5/6 to complete 30 minutes, but I was so glad my labor was progressing quickly. Only one problem ? the on call doctor hadn?t arrived yet so I had to wait to push.

I had to hold off pushing through 5 contractions. The first 4 were easy, I didn?t feel ready to push so I was glad to have the time to refocus. I felt a little sad that this pregnancy was about to end, it?s always so bittersweet to see the nursery nurses come in and start getting ready for a baby. During the 5th contraction I felt him move down further, and I needed to get this baby out! The doctor finally wandered into the room, and introduced herself. Lady, I just want to push ? was all I could think!!! I held off through another contraction and then we were ready. I started pushing and it felt so great, but I didn?t feel like he was descending as quickly as my other babies. I heard the nurses whisper ?awkward position? and suddenly I was terrified that this kid was posterior like his older brother. I pushed again and I still didn?t feel that sweet relief when the head finally pops out. I remember feeling like I had been pushing forever, but I was told it was only a few minutes. Another push and finally - relief as his head popped out?and then the rest of his body easily slid out. Archer was born with his right arm hooked over his left shoulder?so no wonder getting him out took more effort! He screamed as he entered the world, and they placed him on my chest. I was in love with him and his little bald head. I didn?t tear at all so I was able to get up as soon as everything was said and done to walk around and take pictures. DH has no idea how to use my camera, so this is a must! Smile

He was born at 4:52am, just an hour after checking into the hospital. His apgars were 8 & 9, and he is doing wonderful! We came home from the hospital yesterday afternoon, and things at home are busy, but great! He is such a great nurser, he latches easily and gets right to business. He even slept for 2 three hour chunks last night, so I woke up this morning feeling awesome! I feel amazing, my recovery has been so easy. I?m not sore at all and the bleeding has really slowed down, so I?m able to really enjoy Archer and his every grunt. My milk came in this morning, so I?m looking forward to changing more diapers! He is a bit of a spitter, and fusses when he spits, but I?m hoping that with my milk coming in that might help things. I?m just so glad that he is here, and that DH was in town for the birth!

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Congratulations! He's adorable. Smile And what a great birth story!

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What a beautiful addition to your family Archer is! Congrats to all of you!

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That is a GREAT birth story! lol.
Love all the pictures, especially of all your kids in the hallway. :mrgreen:

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Yay!!! And congrats Smile what a wonderful birth story. Welcome to the world Archer Biggrin

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congratulations! my little guy was born right around the same time!

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Congratulations! What a great birth story.

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Congratulations on your beautiful new baby, your family is also very beautiful! Smile

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He is adorable! I love all the sibling shots!! TFS your birth story too! Smile

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Congrats!! He's precious! That's a great birth story Smile Sounds like you went to the hospital at just the right time after all! So glad you are both doing well!

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Beautiful pics of all your kids! Archer is adorable! Congrats!