Mind if I join? (m/c ment)

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Mind if I join? (m/c ment)

I usually have this really bad habit of lurking quite awhile on birth boards before I actually join. So here I have been stalking all of you and checking in daily to see who is testing, experiencing symptoms and what not so I figured maybe it is time to make myself known. I've always hesitated in joining birth boards for fear of jinxing myself but after a devestating miscarriage in Dec. at 15 weeks I know there is no jinxing about it, it is either meant to be or it is not.

Because of my age DH and I decided to get back on the ttc wagon right away. Actually, if I am honest, this is the first time we have had to try. I have two boys, 4 next month and 5 who were both surprises. Our third pregnancies was a much wanted surprise (I had an IUD removed with the intent to try now and got pregnant in Oct.). The thought of a BFP is both exciting and dreadful but we are hopeful.

I am in the 2ww. I ovulated 16/17 and will test March 3rd if AF hasn't arrived...if I haven't caved because I have never had to wait to test. I would test when AF didn't arrive. I am learning this 2ww thing is HARD!...hopefully actively participating here will make it go by a little faster Smile

Congrats to those of you who already have BFPs. Belinda...I think we may have been on a birth board together before...Oct/06 or Mar/08??

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Hi there and welcome! So sorry to hear about you lost. I do think it helps a lot to have somewhere to go and talk during the 2WW and just about anything going through your head during that time. I'm the most impatient person ever when it comes to these things and I've gotten to where I can wait until AF doesn't show (which she always has) to test and part of that is being able to talk about it on here. Somehow it gives me more willpower. The wait is terribly hard and can make you crazy. It certainly makes me crazy! I hope it goes by very fast for you and ends in a beautiful BFP. Good luck sweetie!

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Hugs for your loss, and welcome!!!

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Hi and welcome! I, too, am so sorry to hear about your loss. Not only is it hard right then, it makes future BFPs scary and uncertain as well. ((((hugs)))) Hopefully all the ladies here can help take your mind off of the anxious feelings. I can't wait to see your BFP! Smile

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Yes we were! March '08 Smile Welcome to November! I'm so sorry for your loss. {{{HUGS}}} It's heartbreaking and I understand your fears. Praying you get your BFP in the days to come!

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That would be such a hard loss. Best of luck to you as testing days approach!

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Hoping hoping hoping this is your month! I am so sorry for your loss. I too know how hard that is, but not at 15 weeks. Keep your head up high! Smile