Missed NST this week

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Missed NST this week

So on Monday I found out that my training this week was moved to a different time and I had to cancel my NST for Tuesday. When I called the office, the receptionist wasn't very nice and I offered to come in anytime on Monday they could squeeze me in (to make sure I had two done this week, my next one is Friday). He said that they only do them on Monday/Thursday and Tuesday/Friday and since I couldn't go Tuesday I could go Monday/Thursday.

I couldn't go on Thursday either, because I'll be in this training from 8 am to 5 pm, exactly the office hours. Its a manditory training and I can't miss it. So I just cancelled my Tuesday NST and kept the Friday one.

Last night I get home and I have a call from the nurse on my group wondering where I was, if I was feeling ok (which was really nice). Apparently the receptionist never marked that I had called and cancelled and they we're worried something was wrong.

I'm not worried about the baby, I just had an ultrasound last week where he was 4lbs 6 oz, he kicks all the time, lot's of good movement and my sugars have been pretty good, only one or two high numbers. But I feel like it probably would have been ok to have me come in on Monday for an NST, what's one extra day between NST's, now it will be 8 day's between my last one and this one.

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I hope you told the nurse that the receptionist/ appointment scheudler wouldn't fit you in anywhere on Monday when you called to reschedule. Yes, that is ridiculous. I am glad to hear the baby is doing okay though!

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It happens. You did what you could to get a 2nd one in. I'm sure everything will be great at the next one. ((hugs))

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Ugg. What is up with some office type people? There would be no reason you couldnt do one monday and one friday. Sounds to me like he shouldnt be workibg with there since obviously he cant/wont actually do his job