More trick than treat?

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More trick than treat?

Yesterday, after DH got home, we got the kids ready to go trick or treating, loaded the wagon up with blankets and coats for everyone, and headed out. We walked down to the end of the block that DS1's school is on (about 3 or so city blocks from the house) stopping at all the houses handing out candy along the way, then headed back up the other side going about 2 blocks past our house, and then came back down our side to home. All in all it took just about 2 hrs.

Through out the walk I had to stop every now then for a sharp pain and or contraction. While crossing the busy street to head back down home I got a pain that went above and beyond what I had been having, and then felt a pop. After that happened every 5 steps or so I would have one of the sharp pains and have to stop, breathe, and lean on something. As soon as we got back to the house we got the kids in car, DH ran into the house to get our bags, and pack some stuff for the kids, while I called my sister to let her know that we were heading over to drop the kids off and go in. It took us almost an hour and a half to get everything, stop and get the kids some dinner, drop them and their stuff off at my sister's, then get to the hospital. When we got there my contractions were every 2 or so min apart.

The nurse checked and I wasnt ruptured (turned out the pop was my mucus plug), but I was 2-3 cm, 70-75% effaced, and continueing to contract. So, they monitored wee dude a bit longer, then let me get up to sit on a birth ball, and just move around. A half hour later they checked wee dude's heart rate again, then let me move around the room a bit. About an hour and a half (10pm) the nurse checked me again and said that she thought that wee dude had def come down lower, but I hadnt made any more progress. She called the doctor, who told them to keep me there for another hour and a half, check me, and if I wasnt making progress, send me home. So, DH and I wondered the halls, having to stop every couple of min. to breathe, and lean on the wall. Another nurse took over for my origional nurse around the time it was time to monitor wee dude's heart rate. She had trouble monitoring him, and I ended up having to stay in the bed so she could get a good trace... his heart rate was down into the 100's... and they kept losing it when I would have a contraction.. she finally moved the monitor to just above my pubic bone, and there he was.

While laying in the bed, half dozing, my contractions went to every 2 to 4 min. When she checked me (the new nurse... who I must say I liked as a person, but when she checked me, I swear she was digging for gold... where the other nurse barely had to reach and was much gentaler) and she didnt think that I had made any more progress. So, they sent me home. I must say, who ever came up with the 4 cm rule as being active labor must have been a man, and a sadist... just saying. We didnt get out of the hospital till after midnight, so we left the kids sleeping at my sisters and just headed home. I was in so much pain from contractions that I didnt even bother trying to take my clothes off before crawling into bed. I took 2 tylonal pm, rather than my usual 1, ate a piece of toast with jelly, and finally was able to fall asleep. During the night I was up a few times with contractions, having to pee, etc. but, at least I was able to get some sort of sleep.

At 5:30 I finally got out of bed. Still contracting, but not as regular as last night. I had some more bloody show when I went to the bathroom. I took a bath, DH headed to work, and I drove my self over to my sister's, where I am sitting right now. I just dont feel comfortable being alone at the house today. I just have a feeling that once things really pick up, its going to be a fly to the hospital situation. I also called DS1 into school. I just feel better having him here and not having to worry about how to get him from school.

So, heres to hoping that things pick up sooner than later. My sister and I are thinking of taking the kids on a walk later to get them out of the house, so I am thinking that if things arent already picking up by then, they will. Fingers crossed that I dont have to sit here turning my wheels for too long. With how low he is, and how sharp these contractions are, I dont know how long I will be able to take it Sad

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Well, I'd say you'll be having a baby pretty darn soon after all of that! :blob3:

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Wow! A Halloween to remember for sure! Crossing fingers things pick up for you-keep us posted!!! Smile

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Wow, GL and hope things go smoothly. ELV's your way. I purposely did not go with the kids last night. I have BH every night just walking around my house doing things.
Should be soon !!!!

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Good luck! I hope today's the day!!

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Thanks everyone. Things are still pretty quiet, though still getting some good zingers, pressure, and bloody discharge. Just waiting for these contractions to get regular again... In the meantime i am going to eat some egg plant parm with my sister Smile

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wow! i can't wait to hear what happens, I never knew you could go through all that and then end up being sent home!

good lucky, KUP!!!!!

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Ooooh! Sounds like you are getting close!!

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I hope you had some new developments overnight! These silly boys, putting their mamas through all this pain and uncertainty! You really are so close though! Smile

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Woke up this morning feeling more crampy. Went to the
grocery store and def having more of the sharp pains, and discharge. Nothing worth timing at this point, but its something. I also just feel more weight when I stand up, if that makes any sense. My sister and her kids are here. Im going to hang out on my excersise ball, and then later when DS2 gets home we are going to head to stock up on diapers and wipes for DD... I may also pick up a new take home outfit for wee dude, since the Halloween one I picked up doesnt make sense now Wink

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Hopefully this is the start of things to come.