my belly :)

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my belly :)

My daughter and I had a little girls night since DH and DS went to practice ( DH plays guitar in a band) So we decided to paint my 38 week belly! I've always wanted to do this!

Marina had a lot of fun doing it!

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Too cute!!

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Very cute!!!

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Love it!!

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awwww, this is adorable!!!! Smile you and your daughter did a great job!

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Great job and very cute. Smile

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That's adorable!

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That is too cute. My kids have been wanting to do that to my belly, and DH wants to paint the obama symbol... I am thinking the pumpkin is way cuter. Tell your DD that she is a great artist, and is going to be such a greatbig sister Smile

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How fun! Super cute!

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Too cute and your daughter is going to be an adorable big sister!

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so cute!! Smile