My diet...

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My diet...

consists of jolly ranchers, ritz bits cheese crackers, ginger ale, and zofran.... But I havent thrown up in 2 days now! Woo hoo! I have been able to eat some smaller meals in between, but the jolly ranchers have seriously been helping the waves of nausea that have been hitting me lately! Im hoping this morning sickness will leave me very very soon!

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Hey your officially second trimester.. You SHOULD, but then again, morning sickness is supposed to stop in the mornings, but when did that ever stop our hormones?

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Hope this is the turning point for you and you just keep feeling better! Smile

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I have been eating Jolly Ranchers and Ritz with cheese slices too (not Ritz Bitz, but close). I haven't had that type of nausea, but these foods are just the only ones that sound worth eating to me. Major food aversions here. I hope the nausea fades quickly for you, and glad you have found something that you can keep down in the meantime!

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I can kind of relate. Yesterday all I ate was skittles, homemade pickles, and milk. I felt awful all day and couldn't stomach anything but those three things. I'll be SOOO happy when this stage passes!

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I feel like I'm NEVER hungry or have an appetite, yet by the end of the day I add up all ive eaten and I've eaten...crap...

IM FINALLY starting to feel better and not hate food so much, yet lately feel nausea a lot again, but at least I can eat..I cant wait to start enjoying food again.. I never felt like this with DS!!

I wish I could just eat really healthy and not gain so much weight...praying for that!! Can't wait for summer and the 2nd trimester- maybe all the fresh fruit and gardens will be perfect timing!!