My house smells...

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My house smells...

I swear I smell everything, and its all making my stomach that much more queezy. All I have to say is that the next 5 to 6 weeks can not go fast enough from a gagging stand point Sad I am trying to relax, and really enjoy this pregnancy... and my family. Its just hard when You have NO energy, mood swings up the ying yang, and everything else. Ok, done complaining.

3 good things:
I am having a healthy pregnancy thus far
My kids are growing, and happy, and amazing me everyday
My husband's job is going good, and although its hard, he just got approved for overtime. And, since he wont have any paid time off for when the baby comes, we should hopefully have enough saved up for him to have a week off. Smile

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I hear you on the smell issue! It seems like everything stinks. And as you can imagine, in a house with 5 boys and 1 man, all the bathrooms stink! I swear they will never learn how to aim or flush! I just got some pregnancy aromatherapy spray to try. Hoping that helps! Hope your DH's OT works out so he can take some time off!

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I smell everything too, it's driving me insane. DS had some potty training accidents on the carpet awhile ago and I thought I'd cleaned it well enough before... but now I can totally smell it and it's so gross! Sad It's not just that it seems like every room I walk into has a horrible smell. I made DH clean out the fridge because I couldn't do it without gagging.

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Oh I can relate to that! I keep thinking I smell cat crap in my daughters room. I've done everything and hunted for it but there is no cat crap in there! DH says I'm nuts!

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I am totally the same, yuk! and cleaning products smell really strong now, it seems to make my eyes water :S

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Yep, smelly house here, too. And it doesn't help that I've been too tired to do any real cleaning. Blum 3 At least I was able to clean our bathroom earlier last week. I knew nausea was going to hit this week (and it has!), so I wanted the bathroom clean before that.

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Yep mine too!! Spent all day today, EASTER, scrubbing the house, airing it out, going through scentsy like no other!!

The dog seems SOO SMELLY to me, and Kevin is sooo annoyed bcuz he thinks i'm lying just to get the dog out!! ugh!! Cant stand the smell!!! Today I was freaking out running around cleaning throwing stuff away and Kevin asked "do you just hate our house now?!" and I said "RIGHT NOW I SURE DO!" hahaa... i hate when i walk in the door and im like "umm it stinks in here?!".. i need to tone it down but ic ant help it..

They shld make a pregnancy fabreeze or something.. I bet scent companies really sell a lot with us preggo moms!! I feel like i'm constantly scent searching!

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The garage is AWFUL. I'm kind of a clean freak (a far cry from a few years ago) so the house isnt too bad, but um... yeah, the garage STINKS. It's where the litter box is and even though it's done twice a day, still SMELLS.