My little guy is here!

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My little guy is here!

Hi everyone! Finally getting to check in again - I was without my computer in the hospital and getting home has been an adjustment, plus hurricane Sandy has been keeping us in prep mode.

Our little boy was born on Thursday morning, 10/25, at 1:05am!! After a day of contractions, and then being sent home since I wasn't dilating past 3cm, we went out to dinner for DH's birthday and had cake. I was still contracting every 5 minutes in the middle of all this, but was not ready to go back and be sent home again!!

We settled in to watch a movie with our boys and about 7:30pm, I got a massive and painful kick followed by a POP that was my water breaking. I rushed to the bathroom, we called my dad to come over to stay with the boys, and I showered. Contractions started coming fast and were incredibly intense about 15 minutes after my water broke, and we got to the hospital, and I got hooked up to my IV for fluids. We got there about 8:30, and I was at 5cm, then I quickly progressed to 6.5cm before I got my epidural. I rested as much as I could between checks.

My legs were pretty numb from the epidural, but I started feeling the contractions again in my belly. I wasn't sure I wanted more or stronger meds in my epi, so I decided to wait it out. Right about 12:30am I got a full body muscle spasm (it was unreal!) and found out I was complete and ready to push! The nurse got everything ready, and we did a couple pushes before she told me to stop so she could get the doctor in there!! Then my doctor had to get all set up herself and we got to pushing again...but we had to stop since they saw meconium and wait for NICU to come in. Finally, I was able to push for real and he was born pretty quickly after that. The NICU doc and nurses checked him out, and I heard his sweet cry.

My big guy weighed 8 lbs, 12 oz - my biggest baby by a whole pound! He has a full head of blonde hair (my others take after DH with darker hair) and is a little snuggle bug already. We named him Adam Craig Smile

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Yay!!! Congrats!!! Welcome to the world Adam Smile what a handsome mini man!!!

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Oh my, look at that sweet face! Congratulations!

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How handsome! congrats!!!! :mrgreen:

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congratulations! so cute!

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So chubby and blonde! Adorable! Congrats!!

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So cute! I love all the blond hair. Congratulations!

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What an adorable little man-congrats to you! :o)

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Congratulations!!!! Soo cute!

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Congrats! He is adorable!!

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He is adorable!! Congratulations!

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Yay! Congratulations! he is soooooo adorable, love that hair! Smile

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Aw so sweet, look at that gorgeous head of hair! Congratulations!

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Love all of his hair! He is such a handsome little guy!! Congrats!!

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I don't think I've ever seen a blonde newborn! Congrats he is beautiful.