My number is 560............

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My number is 560............

that is 560 calories worth of Thin Mints sitting in front of me. Can we say I have serious case of the PMS going on here? It was coffee and reese's for breakfast, and then stuffed cabbage and salad for lunch, now snack is seriously half the box of thin mints.

Tonight I was invited to stay at my bestie's house with the twin boys who are now 3 months old. I get to get up all night and feed and cuddle them. Getting a BFP tomorrow am sure would be awesome.

So ladies.... have you splurged on any treats today?

PS.......... I already walked 2 miles, going this afternoon to walk 2 more, and then to the gym to hit the elliptical for an hour.

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I splurged on some Oreo's. What in the world do they put in those things to make them taste so darn good!?

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Kim, please send me exercise willpower, STAT! For lunch a Gyro and iced coffee. Dinner, BBQ chicken nachos dipped in french onion dip. Thank the lord my hubby and sons ate all the Reeces pieces cookies or I'd be in deep doo doo.


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I ate 3 fun size kit kats today. Oh, and a brownie!

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"belindab" wrote:

I ate 3 fun size kit kats today. Oh, and a brownie!

I wish I had your willpower!!

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OMG! I was just thinknig about girl scouts- about a month ago me and my coworker googled it to find out when they'd be in our location- March 3rd...were counting down the days.. thin mints and samoas are all I think about- ESPECIALLY FROZEN YUM

Umm I had azteca today- fajitas and massive amounts of chips and salsa... soo basically I shouldnt eatthe rest of the day..or week

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Ended up only eating half the bag!!! But then drug to another happy hour where nachos, and fries found their way in my tummy.

Holy cow, twins are tough. I am spending the night with my bestie who has 3 month old twins. The last time I spent a night with her, I got a BFP the next day. Hoping for a repeat. I finally got both boys down at 9:30, was just up with one at 12 and now one at 12:30. Their mommy told me to expect a 2 and 4 am wake up as well.

Worse part is that I can barely sleep Sad tomorrow work will be brutal.

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LOLOL this thread had me cracking up out loud! I love you Kim you always brighten my day Smile Hope last night wasn't too bad

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It was SO much fun. I want a baby............ badly. LOL