My visit to L & D

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My visit to L & D

Saturday night my friend invited me to go to Miniature golf with her... Stupidly I agreed. Too many hills, too many places to trip and fall, which of course, my balance being what it is, led to a fall in which I mostly caught myself with my right hand and a bit of my right side... I have a pretty nasty bruise on my hip and I definitely jarred the baby over to my left side.... but I still felt him moving plenty so I wasn't overly concerned. I didn't want to leave the golf course yet so I said lets just play it out unless it gets too painful. It never did. But Sunday morning as I was at Target to get a wrist brace and a few other misc. things, I felt a few unusual cramps and a few contractions. When I got home, DH was on his way out the door for a football game and I didn't want him to not go and have wasted money on the tickets so I called my friend K who had been with me when I fell Saturday night and asked her to watch DS5 for me.

So I dropped him off and off I went to L & D. They were just going through the usual monitoring and we're getting ready to release me when the doctor checked me......... 3 Cm and 50 % effaced and since I'd had a few contractions on the monitor they decided to keep me for two more hours just to see what happened. Thankfully I did not progress any further in those two hours and they did send me home but I'm pretty much banned from doing anything for the rest of this pregnancy. The doctor asked me if I wanted a note for work but I said not yet... I want to work as long as I can. I just have to take it ridiculously easy here. By the time I got home though last night the contractions were strong and painful and I was almost ready to go back to the hospital but I decided to drink a ton of water, eat dinner and change positions. I laid down and the contractions slowed down significantly. Today they're still around but not strong and not often enough to send me to the hospital but at this point and time, I'm wondering if I'll make it past 36 weeks.

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Im sorry about the fall. Glad you and baby are ok. Praying that things ease up a bit, and that you can get past the 36 week hump. I personally am about 3cm, and 75% and havent made any major changes since Wed despite contracting and all sorts of 'labor' type symptoms. So, there is a chance that youll make it to term Smile fingers crossed for you

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Hope you are able to bake that LO a bit longer! Glad you are ok!

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Wow! Definitely keep it easy. You can easily walk around at 3cm for weeks, so stay positive! This LO needs to bake just a tad longer!

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Take care of yourself and take it easy. Hopefully he gets to stay in a little longer.

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Sorry to hear about the fall Sad I'm glad you and baby are okay though! Take it easy and bake that baby mama! (((hugs)))

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wow! Glad you and LO are ok! Take it easy!

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Went to the doctor for a f/u today... Still at 3 cm but she said I wouldn't make it to my C-section date and I probably won't make it to Thanksigiving. She said theres a good chance I won't even make it to my next appointment in 10 days. She said to go ahead and walk around, do the usual stuff, if he comes he'll be just fine.