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Name help!!

Well...I guess since its a GIRL we actually have to pick and agree on a name..

Well more like I have to pick and want kevin to actually like it...

But we are SOOOO opposite on girl names.. I like newer names that arent TOO popular, and he likes older (our generation) names that I feel are more..bland...

So I need something in between, something cute and not too popular but not "too crazy" for Kevin...

I love Ruby, Aria, Paisely, Sawyer, Blair... I also really like Abigail Claire and Chloe- but they're too popular for me

Kevins ideas: (NO offense to ANYONE with these names I dont think they're bad names I just dont picture my baby named them)
Marissa, Bethany.. (those are his "ideas" tonight).. He also likes Mara which I suggested but I dont LOVE and used to babysit a Mara...

Any ideas for inbetween? Last name is Mitchell so IDK if Mara Mitchell sounds too rhymey.. I really want the middle name to be June after my gma..

I swear I've read every name ever written so I just feel so lost!!

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Blair Mitchell has a great ring to it... I really like that! I have no suggestions for you though. Hopefully you can find something that he likes as well.

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I really love the name Amaya (it means evening rain or something along those lines) but I have a friend who named her DD that so we won't be using it.

I like Blair and Ruby from your list. I like names that aren't super overused so I can see your frustration with DH. Me and my DH couldn't come to an agreement for a name for DS until literally like a few days before my EDD - we just called him Squirt forever. I hope you can come to an agreement soon, but you've got awhile to decide yet still so don't stress over it!

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Paisely June Mitchell sounds really good to me. I think Amaya might be a good middle ground name for you and DH... Its an older name with a new twist Wink and Amaya June Mitchell also has a pretty flow to it Smile

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My name is Bethany, lol! But I don't blame you for not wanting to name your baby that. Not my favorite either. Smile I like Blair from your list.
Here are a few ideas. I didn't research the popularity of these, though.


A side note on popularity... I have been hung up on that too. I don't want something super popular where he/she is going to have their last initial tacked onto the name their whole life. But recently I decided that if I like the name enough (and can't agree on a different one), then why not just go with the name you love? Just an epiphany I had, lol.

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I really like the name Paisly. I also like the name Marissa. However, Blair reminds me of that awful movie. But I don't know if it has an actual meaning behind it.

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We are the same way with names! I like names that are slightly off the beaten path, but my husband likes names that are common. I really try to avoid popular names though!

My 2 year old is Eleanor Blair. I really wanted to name her Blair, but when she was born it just didn't fit, so we settled on it for a middle name. My 4 year old is Rowan Taite. Rowan was pretty far down on our list, but when she was born we both looked at each other and said "It's Rowan!!"

I love the name Ruby, but it's getting so popular here! I Cnn't even remember some of the other names on our girl list. I'll have to dig up my name book. I can't wait until we find out...hopefully on Tuesday!

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I like all of your names. I told DH if ours is a girl, he can name her. (That's because I'm pretty positive it's a boy and I'm sneaky like that.) Anyway here were the girl names I had in my head that we won't use since this is our last one:
Good luck to you-it's so hard having to compromise when it comes to the naming! ;o) Congrats on team pink too!! :o)

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Thanks girls!
I'm suprised so many like the name Blair- when I was preg with DS that was my go-to girl name, and everyone said they hated it and it reminded them of Blair witch project. Maybe the movies been out too long that people forget, and maybe people think of Blair from.... gossip girl?
Hmm maybe I should have Kevin watch gossip girl so he can see somebody with that name... I feel like once he sees a person (or show) with the name he doesnt think it's as "off" haha..

Rowan- I really like that idea but again, Kevin sucks. haha...

Amaya I don't mind, but can't picture my child as it.. I picture Amaya as a darker skinned or darker haired kid- and I picture my kid like pastey white bald/blonde haha

Kind of like Blair- I picture dark haired... and Ruby dark haired...

Claire and Chloe I picture blonde...

Ugh girl names are so hard! At least this occupys my mind to keep me from shopping too much!!

Paisley is just so cute too, but i cant get Kevin to unthink Brad Paisley. haha..

I really feel like it's going to be one of those "wait til she's born and see what fits her" because every name is soo different.

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I am not much help as we tend to go with very traditional/family names.
Katherine Nicole, Olivia Jean, Richard Robert Frederick, Helen Grace.
This time we are leaning toward Owen Benjamin(A good welsh name) for a boy and Dorotha(Dottie) Leigh(after his grandmother) for a girl.
We've always discussed Marina for a girl, but haven't used it.
Good luck, you'll find one!

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I love Aria, I wonder if to make it more likeable to him, Arianna - i think i suggested this on another thread to someone, i love the name - it's one of my friends daughters names.