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Name help

So I've got it narrowed down to 3 names (for now) to "bring with me" to the hospital.
I'm trying out the whole "wait til she's born to decide" thing... eek.

Feel free to give your honest oppinions about them- I wont be offended!!

Paisley- Still my favorite... Kev was really against it but now he's kind of came around and told me to pick whatever I want because he'll get used to it like he did with Brody- but I know he doesnt LOVE it.. but he doesnt really give me any other names/ideas...
I love that its not too "weird" but its not popular at all.
The one problem with that name is that my dad keeps pressuring me about it. Literally everytime I see him he asks if she has a name yet and then he's like "IS IT PAISLEY?" and I feel like he's trying to TALK Kevin into it all the time and it gets really annoying.. So it's actually making me DISLIKE the name bcuz of how much hes pushing it now. i wish I'd never have told him the name.

Abigail- I've always loved this name but kinda threw it to the bottom of the list because it's so "popular".
Kevin likes it- and I'm starting to be more open to it because I realized that although it's high on the popularity list- there's not as many kids named it as I thought and I don't know anyone personally/in RL/ with the name. And Abby is really cute.

Gracie- That one just came up last night. My grandma/best friend suggested it (She suggested Gracie Rae, then Layla Grace).. always some sort of "grace" in there... Which I dont like Rae or Layla but I was thinking Gracie isn't bad. Kinda cute and not too popular, and it's special that it was her idea.
However, IDK if it's too "kiddish" when shes a teen+ is she going to want to be called "Gracie"? My BFF said she could always go by Grace when shes older if she wants... Is Grace/Gracie too religious sounding?

Any suggestions? Smile

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I was going to do the same thing - keep a list of 3 names that I LOVE and choose when i see my baby-girl.

i LOVE Gracie - it was my first choice for my baby! (Listen to the Ben Folds song "gracie" you will cry!) I have since changed my mind to use Grace as the middle name and Kyla as first name, Kyla Grace...
so I guess i still need 2 names to bring to hospital with me (but i'm really loving Kyla).

so my vote is Grace or Gracie, I love it! I don't think it's too religious sounding - I'm not religious at all, although I consider myself very spiritual... Grace means Blessing, I think it's beautiful Smile

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I like Grace or Gracie best... I loved Abigail but like you said its just getting too popular. Paisley, if thats your choice then just go with it.... They'll get used to it.

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Honestly, I don't know if Gracie would pass my "resume test." Basically DH and I insist that whatever name we decide on has to sound good on a resume. Be a name that someone would hire. Not everybody cares for this though. Smile

I really love Paisley!

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If this would have been a girl I really wanted the name Grace Marie... call her Gracie as a nick name when shes little, and as she out grows the cutsie stuff, then just Grace. I also like Paisley... you could do Paisley Abigail, that sounds pretty too Smile Or even Abigail Grace... All of your names are cute, and would work in just about any combo Smile

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Hard decision! I like all three!!! Abigail is my fan I think tho Smile

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I love paisley

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I like Paisley a lot but I think it would be tricky to find a middle name to go with it.

I like Grace with Gracie as a nickname. I think going with Grace as the official name leaves a lot of room to go by Grace in professional settings and Gracie in casual settings.

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Paisley is very cute and if you love it than that is what you should go with. I think both Abigail and Grace are both beautiful classic names and would be very great as well.

If this Little one was a girl, our name was going to be Piper Abigail.

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All pretty choices! My favorite is Abigail, though, and I liked PP's suggestion of Abigail Grace Smile