Nausea back again?!

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Nausea back again?!

Ugh, I have been feeling nauseous again for almost a week Sad It makes me not want to eat but when I don't eat for too long I feel even more nauseous! I can't win! LOL Right now Kostas is eating some BBQ chips and it is making me want to throw up just from the waft of scent that is coming my way... Not impressed.

Anyone else feeling a resurgence of nausea, or goodness forbid actual vomiting?

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Mine has returned a bit too... For me its mostky in the morning. Thank gid its not full blown puking (knock on wood)

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I'm sorry you're not feeling well again. I haven't had that happen yet, but when I was pregnant with my son the whole last month my morning sickness came back. It was horrible.

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The nausea has come back somewhat for me, too. I find that for me, a very large part of my pregnancy-related nausea is due to stomach acid. If I take zantac or pepcid regularly, I have less nausea. It doesn't take it all away, but it definitely takes the edge off so it's manageable.

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((hugs)) I know it's common, but I was blessed not to have that issue with DS and so far not with DD either. I have noticed a change in foods that I want to eat and not want to eat. I had the biggest sweet tooth up until 2 weeks ago and now it's slowly going away. I don't even want my favorite creamed pumpkin honey anymore!

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Oh no! So sorry you aren't feeling well Sad I'm not really nauseous, but not feeling great either. I just don't have room for much in my tummy, so I eat a little and I'm so stuffed. If I try to eat a full meal, I feel overly full and sick. And I'm also getting more particular about what sounds appetizing, too. Unfortunately, it's nothing healthy that is appealing to me lately Wink I've wanted a bowl of ice cream since I woke up this morning (I have not given in, but it's all I want!!). And my water has to have lots of ICE.

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Mine never left... Still throwing up every day sometimes all day, sometimes only mornings.