Nesting/ getting ready for baby

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Nesting/ getting ready for baby

Besides setting up a nursery, or bed, what other things are you doing to get ready for baby? Any strange cleaning urges? Dish.

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i don't know if this has to do with baby but i make my bed every morning now for almost a week - never used to do that lol

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Yesterday wee dude's god parents came up to visit and helped us get the living room arranged, garage organized, all of our a bunch of unpacking done, and things just settled a bit more in general. That really helped. Friday night, and then again today, I worked on scrubbing walls, baseboards, and heating/cooling vents. Any surface that I find with any sort of dust, or mark, I cant stand and have to clean. Right now I am looking out the window in the living room, fighting the urge to go scrub all the windows in the house lol.

Yesterday I had DH bring in the infant car seat and today I finished cleaning it, getting the cover thingy put in it, and the insert cushions put in. The other night I was looking at the portable bassinet thibg I have for wee dude in the living room ans all of a sudden had to get up and fold and put a blanket in for extra cushion. Today I had DH put the pack n play up by our bed... I just need to go put a blanket or 2 in there for some extra padding. I also got wee dude's take home outfit and hat washed. I am going to pack his bag tonight. With how cold its gotten the last few days I have the sudden urge to go get some more warm sleepers and fuzzy blankets.

I am feeling a lot better having the house semi settled, though there is still more to do. Once I get everything else done I also need to get pictures and other decorations up. And, im sure I will find more cleaning, and what not, that needs to be done lol

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Well, us finding out that for once we're not moving came at the same time as nesting! Win win! We have turned our guest room into my son's bedroom. The nursery is coming close to being done. We rearranged the living room to fit the glider (by far my favorite place to sit right now and with DS my favorite place to nurse). I've finished most Christmas shopping and already have my son's birthday gifts wrapped up (turns 2 Nov 2nd)! We have completely emptied the garage, cleaned it, and reorganized everything in there (and have a nice pile of goods we've been selling!). My current project has been working on ideas for cloth diaper storage in the laundry room where the main changing station is. Almost everything in the house is fairly organized now and it feels GREAT!

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Wow you mama's are super organized. I'm just fighting the never ending battle of keeping the kids stuff organized. I haven't been nesting cleaning wise but I have been cooking up a storm. Our fridge is full of meals right now. I've got our bedroom all organized, closets organized (LO's stuff is in the other half of my closet). Just have to set up the baby's bed.

The kids room is a disaster and desperately needs organization, but if I don't get to it before the baby comes i'm not going to stress.

The living room/play area is usually in complete chaos and I tend to organize the toy area at least once a week, we're working on the kids right now putting things back where they belong, but it's a work in progress and sometimes when I ask to go pick up the toys, they just end up in a pile in the toy area and I'm to tired to fight about it.

The week before my c-section I have a room by room cleaning plan that DH and I will do and then everything should be nice and organized to come home too. The kids will be with my MIL while we're in the hospital so no one will be home to make a disaster while were gone.

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I've been having nesting urges like crazy lately, unfortunately there isn't much I can do about most of it because we don't have a garage at this house so all of our storage takes up the top of our closets/under beds and it's driving me crazy! I'm really to the point where I just want to move to a different house because I feel so cramped right now but I would hate to have to pack up and move + clean this house afterwards.

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I've had major nesting urges lately! I organized the older boys' clothes, washed baby clothes and blankets, had DH steam clean the carpets and deep clean the bathrooms. Today I cleaned out the van and cleaned up the infant seat and then I cleaned out the pantry(b/c this will make such a difference when the baby comes;) ). There's still so much I want to do. I'm going to pack my hospital bag this week. We also have DS3's birthday party this weekend so I have things to do to get ready for that. I figure the busier I stay, the faster time will pass! Two weeks or less!

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Yes yes yes to nesting! I have totally started doing anything and everything I can to prepare for this baby. I organized my closet last night so that DH can move some stuff from the spare bedroom into our closet to make room for baby's stuff. I washed and folded all of baby's blankets, bibs, clothes, etc and started putting them away. I have been on a hunt for used baby items. We have a Mom Swap facebook group that I have been religiously checking. Today I got a $450 Kool Stop jogging stroller for way cheap off of there! I already have a regular Chicco one, but I really wanted a fixed wheel jogging stroller so that I can start running again. I still want to get our carpet cleaned and get my car detailed before the baby comes too.

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I scrubbed all the floors by hand this weekend and then dusted all the baseboards. I washed all the preemie, newborn and 0-3 month clothes (to be honest theres like two preemie and one newborn outfit so its not a lot), washed the blankets and bassinet sheets, organized the closet in the garage to suit me better for christmas/birthday/storage space, got the bassinet fully set up, checked the playpen to make sure we had all the parts, packed my hospital bag, bought extra batteries for the camera so if mine go dead DH can take them home and recharge them while I'm at the hospital, bought a pack of disposables even though I fully plan on c.d'ing. Started double batching my meals so that I can freeze some and eat off those when he arrives and started scrubbing the grout in the kitchen and bathrooms but its not clean enough for me so I'm heading to buy bleach pens shortly.

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How could I have forgotten that I've been doubling meals 3-4 times a week for the freezer? I didn't make enough last time, so I'm determined to have a ton. lol

Glad to read that everyone seems to be as "crazy" as me! Lol

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I wish I nested like some of you do! I don't think I had any nesting urges with DD, and I haven't really had a lot of them this time, either. I bet my house would really appreciate it if the nesting bug would hit!

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Today I got a huge urge. I straightend the living room, again, vacuumed, and started cleaning all the windows really scrubing the window sills, and everything. Shutting the storm windows... And DH is insulating them with plastic ... So far he got the kids's room done. I couldnt even nap when the kids dod because I couldntturn the drive off Sad

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I washed all the newborn/small diapers today. Repaired the elastic in several that didn't stretch the way they used to 4.5 years ago Wink I also replaced the elastic in our changing pad covers. The elastic was shot and the covers didn't stay on the pad...that's a job I've been meaning to get to for over a year! I also washed all the 0-3 clothes and put them in the drawer. Sad to see how few outfits we have, but I'm going to see if we can make it work.

That's about it for me!! No real cleaning urges here...but I've been maintaining the house by myself while DH has been training for his new job, so I feel accomplished just keeping up on the laundry and dishes while he's been gone!

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I primered umm most of the house- the dining room was bugging me so i primered over the whole thing and painted 8 samples onto the wall- i dont like any of them though so it's quite .. interesting looking.. in here now.
primered the door jams and then got crazy and primered the whole bathroom, over the windows/trims/walls/shelves...hahaha... DH was quite amused when he got home.. sure did freshen the place up though!
Rearranged our room and finally got the babies room mostly done- although I know she wont even sleep in there for a while.

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"harmonybear" wrote:

I wish I nested like some of you do! I don't think I had any nesting urges with DD, and I haven't really had a lot of them this time, either. I bet my house would really appreciate it if the nesting bug would hit!

Me too! I never had any nesting urges with Kostas and I haven't really had any with Cricket either. I more have to force myself to clean and organize... and the house really needs it too. LOL

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We moved so luckily I've had unpacking to keep me busy.

I also started with Owen's room, I need my bf to put together his dresser and go pick up the crib, but we won't need the crib for a while since my father handmade a cradle for him, (so I have to find a friggin mattress for it now), but he will be in that in our room for a good while. (It's a huge cradle, and can be stationary) I just want everything done, but I've also had a virus for 3 weeks and got over that for one week and now have a flu (was in l&d yesterday too because of dehydration..) so, I'm more trying to get rest to feel better to be able to get things done. I'm also waiting on my baby shower to do more laundry for him, most things are washed, but I have a small pile of what needs to get done but am just going to wait. Although, if people buy him clothes, I am returning it (I have clothes coming out of everywhere... up to 24months, as my sister has 2 boys - 2and 1 who are both in 24 month clothes now.)