Nesting has come early this time....

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Nesting has come early this time....

Well, actually last time I didn't have any nesting urges at all. And I know I'm only 18weeks, but today I was hit with a strong urge to ditch all plans for my day and completely re-organize the house!

I have completely changed around our lounge to make room for a change table and other baby things we have purchased. (Last time around I found that I preferred to have the change table in the lounge, the lounge basically became a lounge/nursery for the first year, even though we had a nursery room (it just seemed so far away down the hall)). I also changed around and re-organized DSS's room with him, cleaned out our closet, cleaned out half of the garage and then took a load of unwanted stuff to the charity shop.

I have NEVER EVER had such a productive day in my own house, I'm terrible at clearing out junk as I fail to acknowledge anything as junk Blum 3 I also have been so tired these past few months that I have barely done anything around the house. I think I can safely say that the 'nesting' instinct has knocked some sense into me and I'd say the house might actually be tidy by the time this baby comes! Biggrin I hope it lasts!!

Anyone else feeling it coming on?

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I also feel the need to get my house decluttered, organized, and access stuff out. I am also wanting the baby's things in, place sooner than later. I just dont want to end up on bedrest, and not have everything set, and have it drive me nuts. I really dont consider this my nesting urge though. With MY FIRST, it was a urgent impulse to get all the bedding in the house cleaned NOW... I spent the whole day in the laundry mat washing all the comforters. With my 2nd I was on bedrest and it felt like the dust was staring at me. The day I wrnt into labor, I scrubbed EVERYTHING... even all the fans in the house ,(keep in mind that this was the 1st of February... So, the middle of winter). Then, with DD it was all the screens on the windows

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That's pretty great IMO that you had that urge to organize! I haven't had any such urges so far but I'm hoping one hits me soon because I need to go through all of DS's old baby stuff and sort out what I'll need and use with Baby Girl. Oh, and then I'll need another one to move DS over to his new room. Lol

With DS I didn't have nesting as much as we moved in the 3rd tri, so everything got organized and set up as we unpacked. I did unpack everything though! And this time? Moved in March and still haven't unpacked all of our boxes at all. lol

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Ugh I wish that I had some motivation period!! Its hard enough for me to get up and do the dishes let alone even think about rearranging anything!! I feel like such a lazy bum lately!