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New to board

Hey guys! I've been lurking for about a week, partially becuase I got kicked out from not logging on and updating info.... So, I created a new account. But, that kinda stinks because I have to start all over with numbers of pelts, etc. I'm hoping to har back from Missy soon and have the accounts consolidated.

Anyway, about me.... I'm in the TWW right now. I can test about Wednesday. This is #2 for us. I had DD in 2/10. I had an undiagnosed uterine septum that caused her to come at 32 weeks. she was in NICU for about two weeks, but did great. She didn't move a lot during the pregnancy, and was always breech. The septum was the answer to all of those questions. An ultrasound this past fal showed that the septum took up about 75% of the space of my uterus. The RE said that she was very surprised I carried that long, that I "must have a cervix like a brick wall". Haha. During my prep work this fall, they found that my thyroid had almost completely quit working, too. So, now I am on medicine to replace that hormone. And I have started ovulating again since my thyroid is getting straightened out.

So, this is the first month that DH and I really actively ttc. So, we did BD on day of O, confirmed by FF. Last time i got pg the first month of ttc, and DH had a slipped disc in his back. I had to promise him a grilled cheese to get that one!!!!!!

My daughters name is Isabelle, and shes too cute for words. Smile I got an ipad for my nirthday, so ive got to figure out how to uplaod pics and all that stuff. (I really just wish these accounts would consolidate.) She still nurses, which I'm really ready for that to end now that she's two!!!!! But, I'm really thankful that BFing went so well with her being preterm. It was handwork for the first month, but a really great experience.

In september, I had surgery to have the septum removed. and my follow up u/s's have been reassuring. The RE gave us the go ahead to ttc in october. so..... here i am.

nice to meet everyone. and hope to stay on thisboard!!!!

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Hello! I hope you get to stay in November! I start my 2ww tomorrow!

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Welcome Amber!! I am crossing my fingers that Wednesday brings you some wonderful news.

Actually, I was born with a uterine septum as well. It was discovered when I had my first pelvic u/s. I had numerous u/s thereafter to discover where exactly it was. One test involved inflating my uterus with saline and doing a 3D u/s. It was awful!!!! I had surgery to remove it in 2007. I'm not sure how big it was or exactly where it was. The surgeon explained it to me but I forget. I had an m/c in 1999 and we think that maybe the uterine septum had something to do with it. You are so lucky that you were able to carry your daughter that! Oh, and the surgeon also told me that it's common for women who have this, to have a vaginal septum as well. And I did, so they removed that too. Growing up I always wondered what that weird flap of "skin" was near the opening.

It's kind of neat to meet someone who also had a uterine septum. Anyway, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you. Can't wait to hear the news!

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Wow! Welcome to November! Hope you get to stay!

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Hello! Lots of ~*~ baby dust~*~ to you!

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I had the vaginal septum, too. That was a surprise that they found in surgery. So, healing was a little more difficult than I had planned. I always wondered why I leaked around tampons and had to still wear a pad, too. Nt having to use both during periods has been VERY nice the last few cycles!!!!! Who knew????? Haha.

My temps are mimicking what they did when I was pg with DD, so I am hopeful that we caught the Effie this month, but trying not to get too hopeful. Hope to get an increase tomorrow am, that will be reassuring.

Thanks for the cheers ladies!

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welcome to the board and good luck with everything! Smile