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My name is Stephanie. I am due with my 3rd. I'm due Nov. 29 which also happens to be my birthday. Smile I've been lerking for awhile. I'm on the feb 2009 and aug 2010 boards here.

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Congrats and welcome! Smile We have the same due date.

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Welcome over here! Smile

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Hi Welcome! Looking forward to gtky!

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Congrats and welcome! I am also due on the 29th Smile

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Congrats and welcome!

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Welcome and congrats on #3! :wavehello:

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congrats & welcome!

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Congrats and welcome Smile I have a Feb. '09, and a July '10 (she was due Aug. '10) as well Smile Though, I didnt hear about this site till this time around Sad

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Welcome to the Nov 2012 board!! Looking forward to getting to know you better!

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Seems like Nov 29th is going to be a busy date, I'm due that day as well! XD Congrats and Welcome!

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Thanks everyone!! That's crazy that i think i counted four of us due on nov 29th. Smile