New Board, New Round - One Vent One Happy

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New Board, New Round - One Vent One Happy

I'll get things started.....

VENT Tired of feeling like all I do is complain cause I'm tired of being in Limbo
HAPPY DH is home for 4 days starting tonight!


HAPPY my pee sticks came today! I can pee on stuff again!!
VENT both OPK and HPT came out negative...

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Thank you for starting this.....

VENT I am STILL sick as can be. Then last night Seth started breaking out in hives! (he does occasionally, but never this severe) By morning, his little face was swelling up! So his doc thinks he could be getting worse due to food allergy? Now to find out what. Beee
HAPPY I'm hoping O time is almost here! I thought this month might not be normal but maybe it will! Yea!

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"DrakePlusOne" wrote:

So his doc thinks he could be getting worse due to food allergy? Now to find out what. Beee

Oh Marie! That really does suck! And being sick yourself makes it harder. I'm really hoping you feel better soon - ANd Seth Too!!

Vent - More homework to get done - how much should a 3rd grader have to do anyway???

HAPPY - DD and I are getting close to finishing te dollhouse!

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Vent: I am completely exhausted. I literally sat down at work 3 times today and felt like I didn't get anything accomplished.

Happy: I started rehearsals for Romeo & Juliet that will run in the Spring and I had a lot more students show up than I had anticipated. I have some pretty cool students that I get to work with every day!

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Vent: DH's job is making him work late tonight, so I won't really get to see him that much Sad

Happy: DH and I are celebrating Valentine's Day this weekend, so looking forward to that Smile

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Vent: I am not feeling well... thinking the flu may have found me.

Happy: I made progress in a work project today and I feel really good about it.

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Vent: Ate a huge dinner and keep seeing the scale go up, which just makes me more depressed and want to eat more. sigh.
Happy: ITS MY NIGHT OFF!! And I have all day off tomorrow, never knew how good it'd feel. Should probably catch up on homework and cleaning but hey- freeeedom!! yay!!!!

Time to go eat my pie now :):)... heheh im bad!!

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Vent: I have no idea what is going on with my cycle? I just want AF or bfp (if I was ridiculously lucky) to come so I can know where I am at!

DD is suffering from PTS from the earthquakes and I think I am too to a lesser extent

Happy! We got a new car (7 seats)! We got rid of DH's stupid money guzzling car that I hate! Wooo!
DSS Likes his new teacher and I do too!
DH ran me a bath tonight!