New and expecting our 8th child in November!

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New and expecting our 8th child in November!

Hi, I'm Cindy. I just found out Friday that we are expecting our 8th child! Going by my O date my dd is November 24.
I will probably go earlier because I had gestational diabetes my last 2 pregnancies and my dr felt more comfortable with me going a little early.
My other kids are Steven 15, Justin 14, Rachyl 13, Joey 9, Becca 5, Jacob 3, and Ryan who will be 2 in May! I look forward to getting to know everyone Smile

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Welcome Smile and congrats Smile

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Welcome and Congrats!

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Welcome!!! Congrats on #8!

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Welcome to Nov!!! Congrats and HH9M!

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Welcome! Smile

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Yea congrats!!!

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Wow that's amazing!! Congrats and welcome!!

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Number 8, my oh my! Congrats and best of luck to you!

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Wow, how awesome!! Congrats!!