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I just read your update on your blog and YAY!!! for Sam being closer to home, and on his weight Smile What a big guy. He is 2 oz away from being what DD was when she was born at 36 weeks, and almost a lbs bigger than what she was when she came home Smile Praying that he keeps progressing like this, and that he is home in no time Yahoo

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I just read this update too!! I am so happy for you! I feel really lucky that Bria is only about 5-7 mins from where we live! I am so happy that he handled the transfer so well! He is such a big guy now too! Thats how much Erykah weighed at 38 1/2 weeks! He is such a handsome little guy!

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Thanks ladies. Being he was as early as he was the local hospital couldn't take him when I was pregnant. They medically can only handle babies 30 weeks and up. So that is why we had to go to the U of M. I am happy that he is now so close to home. it's also the NICU that Baz was in (which I think I may have mentioned that in the update).

I was surprised to hear he was over 5 pounds.

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That is wonderful! I am glad he is closer to home and doing so well!!!

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Thanks it helps a lot having him closer now that I am back at work