No more Braxton Hicks?

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No more Braxton Hicks?

This is so weird. From 28 weeks to about 34 or 35 weeks I was having major BHs, regularly, and often intense and crampy. Several times I almost had to call the midwife or just narrowly avoided having to go to the ER to get them checked out.

But since 35 weeks... nothing. Maybe one a day. It's very odd, and it's making me kind of nervous. Has he finally decided to stay put right when it's about time for him to come out? Lol

Has anyone else ever dealt with this or heard about this happening?

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I haven't noticed a BH in a month now! I didn't have them much to begin with really though. Doesn't really mean much for labor or even when it will start. I'm sure your body knows exactly what to do! Smile

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I personally havent had that happen but like Jackie said, it doesnt mean much Smile

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It was kind of similar for me too. About 2 months ago I was having quite a bit of BHs but then they went away for several weeks/almost a month and are just now starting back in the past week. I'm assuming its all good. I didn't have any (noticeable) BHs with Kostas so I don't have anything to compare to.

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I actually haven't had any so far. I feel a little cramping sometimes but my stomach doesn't tighten or anything. Enjoy the break in the BH and maybe they'll start again.

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I have no clue... Maybe your body is just letting you rest before the real thing starts.