Not feeling real yet

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Not feeling real yet

Its been a few years since I had a baby but wow, this pregnancy is so different. Just shocked at how different it is. I'm occasionally nauseas, but for the most part, I feel completely normal, other than tired, and that could be from not being on my medications (I have chrons disease and adult ADD). Yes I have a few symptoms here and there but with my son, I felt pregnant before the test and it just got more so from there. From the sense of smell to the hot flashes. I couldn't stop smiling. I felt like shouting it out to everyone. I don't know if its because I'm busier now or if its just because this baby was some what of a shock, or if it really is just the fact that every pregnancy is different. Is it just me? Or do I have valid reason that maybe I'm going to suffer a loss cause I'm not feeling super maternal right now? Does that even make sense?

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What I'm trying to say is... Am I being completely irrational in thinking because this doesn't yet seem real, that I may be going to lose this baby? Or does anyone else just have so few symptoms that it doesn't seem like they really could be pregnant?

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I think each pregnancy is just different. As you get further along, hear the heart beat, feel the baby move, it will get more real. Just because you dont feel exactly like you did with your last pregnancy doesnt mean that this one is going to in in MC. Just relax, give yourself time Smile

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With my first pregnancy, I was super attached... and I miscarried. With my second pregnancy, I had a feeling I would miscarry, and I did. With my third pregnancy, I was completely unattached and was sure I was going to miscarry the whole time - and she's sleeping next to me now, almost 3 years old.

So based on my experience, don't read too much into it. Smile

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I didn't start having many symptoms until a couple of days ago... and I'm 8 weeks now... I've been tired but that was about it. Now, I actually have nausea, sore/tender breasts, etc.

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I think every pregnancy is different.. my first was so unplanned yet i wanted to tell the world right away...

This time, although it was planned and very much wanted, i'm more reserved, havent really told anyone, more cautious.. not getting as excited... I think just because it seems more real, and I'm just scared to get too excited too early.

I think the second trimester I'll start feeling more optimistic and feeling "good" and maybe more safe, then I'll want to tell everyone!

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Thanks ladies for your input. I am beginning to notice more symptoms coming on such as constant nausea, constant hunger and last night was definitely the first of what I'm sure will be many weird pregnancy dreams.

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I'm glad you are starting to feel more symptoms. I am, in contrast feeling so similar to ho I did when I was preg with DD. The only real difference is that my belly is bigger and i'm more paranoid about m/c for much the same reasons that Cait is feeling cautious.

I agree that all pregnancies are different though, I have friends who have had no symptoms at all until much later in the pregnancy (week 10 for one and week 16 for the other).