Not nesting?

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Not nesting?

I am still waiting for the nesting instinct to hit me. I have an induction scheduled for the 16th, so there are only 6 days left. I have a list of what I WANT done, but no desire or real motivation to do any of it. I hope the nesting kicks in soon, otherwise my DH is going to resent me for lying around while HE completes my list, lol. Has everyone else already gone through the nesting phase?

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Not everyone gets it. I had it for a while, but then the last week or so had no energy

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I definitely had it this time and it's now gone. With my son, I did not feel the same nesting instinct like I did this time. We moved in the 3rd tri, I set up his nursery along with the rest of the house and that was it. I sat around bored for the last 5 weeks or so doing nothing and not caring. Hope you find motivation to complete some of the list! Who knows, maybe you'll hit it the last few days!

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i think mine came and went too.
i went crazy cleaning my kitchen - cleaning out cabinets, throwing things out, doing her room, ect... and now i am just done. i don't know if there is even anything left to do lol - although i do make the bed every single day which is something i never did before so maybe that is a part of it lingering lol

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Mine is gone now that A) done with my house and Dirol not in my house currently. I was having ridiculously crazy nesting urges and now I'm perfectly content to just lay around LOL

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I never had it with DS5... This one I've had it on and off. This weekend I was too tired to care about anything.