Not rolling over

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Not rolling over

She's still not rolling over. My slowest milestone reacher was rolling over at 3.5 months. Piper is 4.5 months. The doc said to practice with her. I can blame myself some because I don't put her down for long. I don't like to put her on the floor much because my almost 2 year old swarms her! It's me constantly keeping him off of her. Ugh. I guess I need to deal with it so that she doesn't lag too far behind. Anyone else not rolling yet?

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Kellen has done it once or twice with in the last 3 or so weeks (he will be 5 months on Sunday) but nothing consistent. He just isnt too interested in doing it much. I was told that its normal for kids to not do it till they are over 6 months, some as late as 8 or 9. Each kid is def. different. The way I look at it is that Kellen is my last baby. I am enjoying everything as it comes, and not stressing about it like I have done in the past with the other kids. Also, The sooner he is mobile, the sooner I have another kid to chase... and I get plenty of that already with the older 3 Wink

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If it makes you feel better, my oldest didn't roll over until 6 months. She was on the floor all the time but had no desire to be on her stomach. If I laid her on her stomach she freaked out too much to even try to roll over.

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Sam just started he's 5 months corrected

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Thanks ladies! That all makes me feel better.

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Some babies never roll over or just do it once and don't care to repeat the experience! Plus 4.5 months is NOT late for rolling over at all! I think the milestone is 4-6 months typically? Smile

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You guys have no idea how relived I am to know that I'm not the only one whose baby isn't rollling. He's pushing himself up, getting onto his side, but not rolling over yet. I keep hoping it'll happen soon. But meanwhile I enjoy that he's not mobile yet.