Not so good news

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Not so good news

At Kellen's 1 yr appt. they did a routine lead test via. It came back elevated to a 17.

They re did the test last Monday with an intervenious draw and found it still elevated. This Tuesday Public Health will be coming to do an inspection of the house we are renting and testing for where the exposure is coming from. They will then share their findings with the landlord who will need to fix the problem. They will also give us information on how to help Kellen. His doctor has mentioned that we should get him in with a specialist sooner then later for his bones. The lead can have not so good effects on bones and with his OI its something we need to keep an eye on. Also, we will be looking at nutricianal ways of helping, getting him in with birth to 3 to make sure there arent any developmental issues, and whatever else we can do. We are going to work with public Health and the landlords to fix the problem here, but we are strongly thinking of moving.

We have spent the weekend cleaning and de cluttering the house as well as downsizing on stuff. This way its easier for them to do the inspection, as well as the landlord to come in and do what they need to do. Not to mention it being easier to move when the time comes. I am so beyond stressed out and upset. I just want to pack my kids up and get them out of here Sad

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((hugs)) Sorry to hear this! Hopefully you can figure out the source quickly.

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I hope its resolved quickly and if its not, I hope you can get out of the house without any problems.

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I hope everything got resolved and if not you are on the way to a new place to live.