not so sure this time around...

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not so sure this time around...

with my first pregnancy, i was motivated for a natural child birth. we had a doula present and i was able to do it. it was really an amazing experience and i was so happy that it worked out as it had. this time around, i don't feel as "excited" for a natural childbirth as i once did. now i am thinking that i just want an epidural. i mean, why put myself through so much pain if there are other options? BUT, i don't know if i can go that route. like, i feel like i would just make myself push on without an epidural when the time comes. i know this does not make sense really...but i just wanted to share how my thoughts and views have changed this time around. i already feel so tired out all the time and i dread how this thing is going to eventually come out. lol. i guess i just need to get motivated again....

anyone else having changing views? or, any first times mom feel strongly either way?

i guess i felt strongly about natural childbirth the first time around and now i am just open to more options.

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As far as an epidural goes, I know that I want one lol. With DS1 I waited till I couldnt take the pain any more to get one... I had been stuck at 5 or 6 for a while, and was just exhausted. After I got the epidural I was able to rest for a little bit, but went complete with in an hour of getting it. With my DD I was in so much pain that they had a hard time checking me. I was only at a 1, as far as they could tell, after being in labor for 8 hrs. So, they got me my epidural... checked me after, and I was at a 4. Then, within an hour, I was complete. With DS2, I got the epidural when I felt I needed it. Was able to rest (and even nap) for a bit after getting it, and wasn't nearly as tired when it was time to push, even if it was just an hour. With all 3 the epidural was enough to get me to the point of being complete. No one ever had to tell me when I was in transition, or when to push... I still could feel all of that. For me, its just what I need to relax, get past the anxiety I tend to have, and just let my body do what it needs to do.

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I had an epidural both times before and will go for it again this time. It worked for me and kept me relaxed so that I could progress, like you were saying, Kier. Although, I have thought about other birthing options A LITTLE more this time; I think I'll still go with hospital, epidural since it did right by me the past 2 times. I tend to get pretty numb on my left side with it, but I am hoping that I will be able to feel things (just not pain) as well as I did with DS2.

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I am changing my ideals for my birth this time except I am going the opposite route as you. I think every pregnancy & birth are different and you have to choose what you are most comfortable with so if you feel like getting the epi this time, then that is probably what will make you the most happy in the end. I have had an epidural twice and I have decided I do not want one again. I have been super pumped for NCB. In the past, I have always wanted the epidural, but both times I had a very negative experience with it. Most people seem to like it, but I am just not one of them. Plus I am not to keen on some of the other meds they have given me. I feel 100% confident in myself and that is what makes me happy with my choice. In the past, I was truly fine with my birth expereinces despite the negative effects, but I am just in a different place now. Kind of like you were describing. This time I want it to go differently because I feel differently about things.

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I have deepened my desire for a NCB this go round. But I am also terrified of epidurals...

My mom did her first 2 births naturally and then had an epidural for her last. She looked like it was a pretty easy going birth. LOL (I was there)

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With both of mine I didnt have an option of mine. If we were going to have a 3rd I would hope to have one

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I have had 4 NCb's, and with the last one I was like - If they give me an epi, I'll take it! lol! But when the time came that I felt like I needed it - they were like: Well, you can get an epi, or we could break your water and you could have this baby right now. Well duh! Lets have this baby now! So I never did get one, even tho I was going to with the last one. This time it will just depend how things go, I guess.

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I wanted a natural childbirth with my son, but after 12 hours of pit contractions from hell I got an epidural. IT WAS AWFUL. I had zero control over myself. My son's heartbeat went from fantastic during contractions to dipping down to the 50s for minutes at a time. The epi totally affected him. My experience is a huge motivator for me this time to get the natural birth I want. My biggest advice for any mom, no matter what kind of birth you want, to prepare for the possibilities and inform yourself of the risks. There are lots of risks for epidurals and the doctors will NOT tell you about them (mine told me there were none HA HA). Know what the truth about them, so that when you need to make the decision you make an informed decision. I knew the risks before I went into the hospital with my son and I still got one and we did experience some common problems with them. I don't regret it, but it was a big factor that led to my c/s.
(I do regret that I showed up to the hospital for my induction since I felt that I had no choice. You always have the choice to not show up!)

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I was induced with my first 4 an chose not to get the epidural. Yes, it was painful but I managed. I figured I'd do the same with #5. However, by the time I got to 6cm, I just couldn't take it. It was so much more intense than with the other boys. I finally decided to get the epi. It worked great and I'm glad I got it. I'm also glad I didn't get it with the first 4. I wouldn't change anything. With this baby, I'm leaning towards getting the epi again. My advice is to just give yourself time and remember that every birth is different. You can change you mind at any time. Just do what you feel is best for you!