Ob appt.. frustrated

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Ob appt.. frustrated

Had my regular OB check up today....and no progress made since wed... even with all this contracting, pain, pressure, and so on. I am just super frustrated with my body. Oh well, Guess it comes with the territory Wink My OB wouldnt strip my membranes this week, but will next week when I go back in after I am 38 weeks. Then, if wee dude still doesnt come, I am scheduled to be induced the evening of the 15th. So, the end is in sight. I am just nervous because with DS1 I was induced at 38.5 weeks, he was 6lbs even, and got stuck... had to be vacuumed out... with letting Wee dude go that much longer, I am afraid that I will end up needing a section, which I REALLY dont want. And, with Wee dude looking to have the OI I doubt that the vacuume is going to be an option any way. So, fingers crossed that all this early labor (I dont say false, because there is no such thing as false labor, and who ever coined that term needs to be slapped) turns into the real thing on its own...

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oh man! i'm glad you have a light at the end, but i'll be hoping for you that you go into active labor very soon and do not need to be induced or have a c-section

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Awww hope your little one can come out on his own with no problems

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Hopefully everything will pick up and he will come on his own soon.

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I hope he decides to come soon on his own so you can avoid an induction and c-section. (((hugs)))

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Crossing fingers he makes his debut soon for you-big hugs in the meantime.

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Aw I'm so sorry things aren't going too good. Sad I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he comes sooner than later so it's easier on both of you. Hang in there momma!